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#Education – Working papers #RePEc (12/06/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Sélection de documents de travail sur les aspects économiques de l’éducation/enseignement:

Are Grouping and Selecting Students for Different Schools Related to Students’ Motivation to Learn?
OECD Publishing

Alternative Student Growth Measures for Teacher Evaluation: Profiles of Early-Adopting Districts
Brian Gill, Brittany English, Joshua Furgeson and Moira McCullough 
Mathematica Policy Research
Keywords: teacher effectiveness, alternative assessment, high stakes test , student evaluation, curriculum bas…
JEL-code: I

Requirements for State Teacher Evaluation Policies Promoted by Race to the Top
Kirstin Hallgren, Susanne James-Burdumy and Irma Perez-Johnson 
Mathematica Policy Research
Keywords: Race to the Top, State Improvement Grants, Teacher Evaluation, Education
JEL-code: I

State Requirements for Teacher Evaluation Policies Promoted by Race to the Top
Kristin Hallgren, Susanne James-Burdumy and Irma Perez-Johnson 
Mathematica Policy Research
Keywords: Race to the Top, State Improvement Grants, Teacher Evaluation, Education
JEL-code: I

Promise Scholarship Programs as Place-Making Policy: Evidence from School Enrollment and Housing Prices
Michael LeGower and Randall Phillip Walsh 
National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc
JEL-code: I22 I24 R21 R31

Putting it all together: Aggregating impacts of school-feeding programmes on education, health and nutrition: two proposed methodologies
Aulo Gelli, Francisco Espejo, Jing Shen and Elizabeth Kristjansson 
World Institute for Development Economic Research …
Keywords: impact, school-feeding, learning, economic indicators

The risks to education systems from design mismatch and global isomorphism: Concepts, with examples from India
Lant Pritchett 
World Institute for Development Economic Research …
Keywords: education, institutions, systems

Does foreign aid in education foster gender equality in developing countries?
Eugenie W.H. Maiga 
World Institute for Development Economic Research …
Keywords: education, foreign aid, gender

Education, skill, and earnings: Further evidence from Ghana
Charles Ackah, Charles Adjasi, Festus Turkson and Adjoa Acquah 
World Institute for Development Economic Research …
Keywords: education, earnings, convexity, Ghana

10 Equality of educational opportunities in Colombia: A metropolitan area comparison
Luis Fernando Gamboa and Erika Londoño 
Keywords: Inequality of Opportunities, Education, Colombia
JEL-code: I24 O15 O54

11 Pre-school contributions to future achievements
Luis Fernando Gamboa 
Keywords: Preschool, Education, Colombia
JEL-code: C14 I21 O54

12 Análisis de Deserción Estudiantil en la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana- Bogotá: Caracterización de la Población Estudiantil
Mary Berrío Norman, Martha Misas Arango, Stephany Santacruz Rincón and Edgar Villa Pérez 
Keywords: Deserción universitaria, post-estratificación, inferencia poblacional, y caracterización estudiantil…
JEL-code: C1 I21

13 Un Modelo de Educación Superior y Deserción Universitaria: Evidencia de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana-Bogotá
Edgar Villa, Martha Misas Arango, Mary Berrío Norman and Stephany Santacruz Rincón 
Keywords: Determinantes de la Deserción Universitaria, Competencia de estudiantes, producción de servicios de …
JEL-code: D01 D41 I21 I23

14 In brief: Does management matter in schools?
Renata Lemos 
Centre for Economic Performance, LSE
Keywords: Education, management, school management index, pupil outcomes, school performance

15 The Hidden Curriculum and Social Preferences
Takahiro Ito, KUBOTA Kohei and OHTAKE Fumio 
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry …


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#Education – Working papers (#RePEc, 20/05/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Sélection de working papers dans le domaine de l’éducation et de l’enseignement:

Intergenerational Educational Persistence in Europe
Alyssa Schneebaum, Bernhard Rumplmaier and Wilfried Altzinger 
Vienna University of Economics, Department of Econ…
Keywords: Intergenerational Persistence, Educational Attainment, Educational Welfare States, Europe, Gender
JEL-code: J62 I24 I38 D63

A Focused Look at Schools Receiving School Improvement Grants That Have Percetages of English Language Learner Students
Laura Golden, Barbara Harris, Diana Mercado-Garcia, rea Boyle, Kerstin Carlson Le Floch and Jennifer O’Day 
Mathematica Policy Research
Keywords: SIG, School Improvement Grants, English Language Learners, Education
JEL-code: I

Fostering University‐Industry R&D Collaborations in European Union Countries
James Cunningham and Albert N. Link 
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Depart…
Keywords: R&D collaborations; entrepreneurship; university-industry partnerships; European Union
JEL-code: O31 O32 O33 O38

The quality of Italian education: a comparison between the international and the national assessments
Pasqualino Montanaro and Paolo Sestito 
Bank of Italy, Economic Research and International…
Keywords: school; surveys of students’ proficiency JEL Classification: I20, I21

The Italian system of public research
Pasqualino Montanaro and Roberto Torrini 
Bank of Italy, Economic Research and International…
Keywords: public research, university, research organizations JEL Classification: H52, I23, I28, O38

Learning for Life: A Cross-National Analysis Comparing Education with Other Determinants of Infant Mortality
Luigi Maria Solivetti and Alessandra Mirone 
Sapienza University of Rome, DISS
Keywords: Education; Development; Infant Mortality.
JEL-code: I25

Elite education, mass education, and the transition to modern growth
Holger Strulik and Katharina Werner 
University of Goettingen, Department of Economics
Keywords: long-run growth,elite education,compulsory education,longevity,R&D
JEL-code: I24 J24 O30 O40

Education and cancer risk
Edwin Leuven, Erik Plug and Marte Rønning 
Research Department of Statistics Norway
Keywords: Education; Causality; Health; Cancer
JEL-code: I12 I21

The Returns to Flexible Postsecondary Education: The Effect of Delaying School
Ana Ferrer and Alicia Menendez 
University of Waterloo, Department of Economics
JEL-code: J24 I2

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#Education – Working papers (#RePEc, 15/05/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Sélection de working papers sur les aspects économiques de l’éducation:

Dynamic Education Signaling with Dropout Risk, Third Version
Francesc Dilme and Fei Li 
Penn Institute for Economic Research, Department o…
Keywords: Dynamic Games, Dynamic Signaling, Dropout
JEL-code: D83 J31


Determinants of public education expenditure: Evidence from Indian states
Monojit Chatterji, Sushil Mohan and Sayantan Ghosh Dastidar 
Economic Studies, University of Dundee
Keywords: public education expenditure, public policy, Indian states, panel data
JEL-code: H52 H72 J11 J18


Measuring student debt and its performance
Donghoon Lee, Wilbert H van der Klaauw, Andrew F. Haughwout, Meta Brown and Joelle Scally 
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Keywords: student debt; household debt
JEL-code: D12 D14 I22


Role of Education and Skill Development for Sustainable Development
Aritra Chakrabarty 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: education, human capital, demographics, sustainable growth, skill, development
JEL-code: I21 I25 J11 O15


Do Single?Sex Classes Affect Achievement? A Study in a Coeducational University
Alison L. Booth, Lina Cardona-Sosa and Patrick Nolen 
Keywords: Gender, single?sex groups, cognitive ability
JEL-code: C9 C91 C92 J16 J16 J24


Schooling and Economic Growth: What Have We Learned?
Theodore R. Breton 
Keywords: Schooling; Human Capital; Test Scores; Economic Growth
JEL-code: O41 I25


Schooling attainment, schooling expenditures, and test scores what causes economic growth?
Theodore R. Breton 
Keywords: Schooling Attainment; Schooling Expenditures; Test Scores; Economic Growth
JEL-code: O41 I25


Does High School Homework Increase Academic Achievement?
Charlene Marie Kalenkoski and Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: academic achievement, homework, GPA, human capital, education
JEL-code: I2 J22 J24


Education and Self-Employment: South Asian Immigrants in the US Labor Market
Nabamita Dutta, Saibal Kar and Sanjukta Roy 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: immigration, occupation, microdata, USA, South Asia
JEL-code: J11 J15 J24


10 The Impact of Education on Personality: Evidence from a German High School Reform
Sarah Dahmann and Silke Anger 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: non-cognitive skills, Big Five, locus of control, skill formation, high school reform
JEL-code: I21 I28 J24


11 Academic Performance and the Great Recession
Effrosyni Adamopoulou and Giulia M. Tanzi 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: academic performance, dropout, great recession, unemployment
JEL-code: D12 E32 J24


12 Financing Higher Education when Students and Graduates are Internationally Mobile
Marcel GERARD and Silke Uebelmesser 
Université catholique de Louvain, Institut de Rech…
Keywords: Mobility of students; Mobility of graduates; Financing of higher education
JEL-code: F22 H52 I23


13 The Analysis of Impact of Investment in Education on Economic Growth in Nigeria: Veracity of Association of Staff Union of University of Nigeria’s agitation
Sulaimon Aremu Yusuf 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: Investment in Education, Economic Growth.
JEL-code: E22


14 Does Eligibility for Tertiary Education Affect Crime Rates? Quasi-Experimental Evidence
Martin Nordin 
Lund University, Department of Economics
Keywords: crime; education; tertiary eligibility
JEL-code: J20 K14 K42


15 Evolução do Acesso de Jovens à Educação Superior no Brasil
Paulo Corbucci 
Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada – IPEA


16 The Curse of Low Aspirations: Remedial Education and Perceived Returns to Education of Roma People
Lara Lebedinski and Marianna Battaglia 
Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas…
Keywords: Aspirations, perceived returns to education, program evaluation
JEL-code: I25 J13 D04


17 Handling negative data using Data Envelopment Analysis: a directional distance approach applied to higher education
Cristian Barra and Roberto Zotti 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: Data envelopment analysis; Negative data in DEA; Directional distance function; Higher education
JEL-code: C14 C67 I21 I23


18 The Role of Education for the Economic Growth of Bulgaria
Mariya Neycheva 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: Human capital, Higher Education, Secondary Education, Growth, Foreign language proficiency, Bulgaria
JEL-code: H52 J24 O40


19 Divergent Trends in U.S. Teacher Quality: 1980-2010
Jeremiah Richey 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: Education, Teacher quality
JEL-code: I20


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#Education – Working papers (#RePEc, 16/04/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Educational expenditure in South Africa: Evidence from the National Income Dynamics Study
Nicola Branson, Dineo Kekana and David Lam 
Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Un…
Keywords: educational expenditure; South Africa; NIDS; National Income Dynamics Study
Created/Revised: 2013Downloads

Friendship And Study Assistance Ties Of University Students
Oleg Poldin, Diliara Valeeva and Maria Yudkevich 
National Research University Higher School of Econ…
Keywords: student achievement, social networks, peer group effects, higher education
JEL-code: D85 I21 I23
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

School Resources, Behavioral Responses and School Quality: Short-Term Experimental Evidence from Niger
Elizabeth Beasley and Elise Huillery 
Sciences Po Departement of Economics
JEL-code: H52 O15 I21 I28
Created/Revised: 2013-04Downloads

Optimal College Tuition Subsidies
Nicholas Lawson 
Keywords: college tuition subsidies; fiscal externality; liquidity constraints; sufficient statistics; free tu…
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Education and the Transition to Sustained Democracy
Jesus Crespo Cuaresma and Doris A. Oberdabernig 
Vienna University of Economics, Department of Econ…
Keywords: Democracy, Education, Age Structure, Economic Development
JEL-code: I20 J10 O11 P26
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Explaining Educational Attainment across Countries and over Time
Diego Restuccia and Guillaume Vandenbroucke 
University of Toronto, Department of Economics
Keywords: schooling, productivity, life expectancy, labor supply.
JEL-code: O1 O4 E24 J22 J24
Created/Revised: 2014-03-28Downloads

Peer Effects and Students’ Self-Control
Berno Buechel, Lydia Mechtenberg and Julia Petersen 
Humboldt University, Collaborative Research Center…
Keywords: Self-control, Peer Influence, Social Networks, Goals, Time preferences, Procrastination, Willpower, …
JEL-code: C93 D85 I21 J24
Created/Revised: 2014-04Downloads

Does Increasing Schooling Improve Later Health Habits? Evidence from the School Reforms in Australia
Jinhu Li and Nattavudh Powdthavee 
Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social…
Keywords: Health behaviors, schooling, instrumental variables, education, HILDA, Australia
JEL-code: I12 I21 C26
Created/Revised: 2014-01Downloads

Do School Budgets Matter? The Effect of Budget Referenda on Student Performance
Kyung-Gon Lee and Solomon Polachek 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: educational expenditures, school budget referenda, school dropout rates, student performance
JEL-code: I20 I21 I22
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

10 Financing Higher Education when Students and Graduates are Internationally Mobile
Silke Übelmesser and Marcel Gérard 
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Max-Planck-Ins…
Keywords: Mobility of students, Mobility of graduates, Financing of higher education
JEL-code: F22 H52 I23
Created/Revised: 2014-03-31Downloads

11 How Much Are Teachers Paid and How Much Does it Matter?
OECD Publishing
Created/Revised: 2014-04Downloads

12 Returns to Foreign Language Skills in a Developing Country: The Case of Turkey
Antonio Di Paolo and Aysýt Tansel 
Turkish Economic Association
Created/Revised: 2013Downloads

13 The Impact of Adolescent Motherhood on Education in Chile
Matias Berthelon and Diana Kruger 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: education, teen pregnancy, adolescent motherhood, youth, high school, Chile
JEL-code: O15 J13 I25
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

14 Teacher incentives in South Africa: a theoretical investigation of the possibilities
Paula Armstrong 
Stellenbosch University, Department of Economics
Keywords: incentives, teachers
JEL-code: I2 J5
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

15 Blissful Ignorance? A Natural Experiment on the Effect of Feedback on Students’Performance
Oriana Bandiera, Valentino Larcinese and Imran Rasul 
IGIER (Innocenzo Gasparini Institute for Economic …
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

16 A Focused Look at Rural Schools Receiving School Improvement Grants
Linda Rosenberg, Megan Davis Christianson, Megan Hague Angus and Emily Rosenthal 
Mathematica Policy Research
Keywords: SIG, School Improvement Grants, Rural Schools, Education
JEL-code: I
Created/Revised: 2014-04-30Downloads

#Education – Working papers (#RePEc, 10/04/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

The impact of Bolsa Família on schooling: Girls’ advantage increases and older children gain
Alan de Brauw, Daniel O. Gilligan, John F. Hoddinott and Shalini Roy 
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPR…
Keywords: Education, Gender, Poverty, conditional cash transfers (CCT) programs, Bolsa Família,
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

Education and Intergenerational Mobility: Help or Hindrance?
Jo Blanden and Lindsey Macmillan 
Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, LSE
Keywords: Integenerational, income, social, mobility
JEL-code: J13
Created/Revised: 2014-01Downloads

Maria De Paola and Vincenzo Scoppa 
Università della Calabria, Dipartimento di Economi…
Keywords: Procrastination, Self-control, Time preferences, Time consistency, Impatience, human capital, academ…
JEL-code: D03 I21 D91 J01 J24
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Striving for Excellence: University Competition, Quality Perceptions, and Ability Sorting
Mira Fischer and Patrick Kampkoetter 
Cologne Graduate School in Management, Economics a…
Keywords: higher education, university choice, student evaluations, labelling effect
JEL-code: I23 D80 H52
Created/Revised: 2014-03-22Downloads

Benefits to elite schools and the formation of expected returns to education: Evidence from Mexico City
Ricardo Estrada and Jérémie Gignoux 
Keywords: elite high schools; earnings expectations; returns to education; beliefs formation
JEL-code: D83 D84 I21
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

An Empirical Study on the Effects of Family Background during Childhood and Non-cognitive Ability on Educational Attainment, Employment Status, and Wages (Japanese)
TODA Akihito, TSURU Kotaro and KUME Koichi 
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry …
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Preferences, Selection, and Value Added: A Structural Approach
Şaziye Pelin Akyol and Kala Krishna 
National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc
JEL-code: I20 I21
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Widening Gap in College Admission and Improving Equal Opportunity in South Korea
Young-Chul Kim, Young-Joon Kim and Glenn Loury 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: College Admission, Equal Opportunity, Education Gap
JEL-code: I23 I24
Created/Revised: 2013-03-01Downloads

#Education – Working papers (#RePEc, 07/04/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Does Schooling Pay? Evidence from China
Vincent La 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: Labor Market, Education, Effect of Education on Wages, Private Return to Schooling
JEL-code: I20 J16 J30
Created/Revised: 2014-03-11Downloads

Does Classroom Time Matter? A Randomized Field Experiment of Hybrid and Traditional Lecture Formats in Economics
Theodore J. Joyce, Sean Crockett, David A. Jaeger, Onur Altindag and Stephen D. O’Connell 
National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc
JEL-code: I20 I23
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Education, Health and Wages
James J. Heckman, John Eric Humphries, Gregory Veramendi and Sergio Urzúa 
National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc
JEL-code: C32 C38 I12 I14 I21
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

The changing academic environment and diversity in students’ study philosophy, beliefs and attitudes in higher education
Mohammad Alauddin and Adrian Ashman 
University of Queensland, School of Economics
Created/Revised: 2014-03-25Downloads

Friendship Network in the Classroom: Parents Bias and Peer Effects
Fabio Landini, Natalia Montinari, Paolo Pin and Marco Piovesan 
University of Copenhagen. Department of Economics
Keywords: Social networks, primary school, friendships, parents’ bias, homophily, peer effects, bonacich centr…
JEL-code: D85 I21 Z13
Created/Revised: 2014-01Downloads

Overeducation, skills and wage penalty: Evidence for Spain using PIAAC data
Sandra Nieto 
University of Barcelona, Research Institute of App…
Keywords: overeducation, individual’s skill heterogeneity, wages JEL classification: J31, I21, C13
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Determinants of Research Production at Top Universities
Quentin Max David 
ULB — Universite Libre de BruxellesDownloads

Academic Patenting in Belgium:Methodology and Evidence
Malwina Mejer 
ULB — Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Keywords: academic patenting, universities, Europe, matchingDownloads

Estimating the effect of teacher pay on pupil attainment using boundary discontinuities
Ellen Greaves and Luke Sibieta 
Institute for Fiscal Studies
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

10 Governance Typology of Universities’ Technology Transfer Processes
Anja Schoen, Joachim Henkel and Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie 
ULB — Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Keywords: Technology transfer offices; organizational structure; governance; academic patents
JEL-code: L30 O31 O32 O34
Created/Revised: 2013-01Downloads

11 Youth Wage Employment and Parental Education in Malawi
Richard Mussa 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: youth employment; parental education; Malawi
JEL-code: J2
Created/Revised: 2014-03-10Downloads

12 Long-Term Effects of School Size on Students’ Outcomes
Maria Knoth Humlum and Nina Smith 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: school size, high school graduation, student outcomes
JEL-code: I21 I28 J24
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

13 Do High School Peers Have Persistent Effects on College Attainment and Other Life Outcomes?
Robert Bifulco, Jason Fletcher, Sun Jung Oh and Stephen L. Ross 
Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Working Gro…
Keywords: Education, Peer Effects, Cohort Study
JEL-code: I21 I24 J15
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

14 Analyses of Resource Allocation in Educational Finance (Governance of Educational Finance): From the perspective across all education stages (Japanese)
AKAI Nobuo, SUETOMI Kaori, SENOH Wataru and MIZUTA Kensuke 
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry …
Created/Revised: 2014-02Downloads