Ressources documentaires en sciences sociales et politiques, communication, économie et gestion: sélection du 1er au 6 sept. 2014


Découvrez nos sélections de ressources documentaires (gratuites!)

//du 1er au 6 septembre

//lundi 01/09

#Communication #Marketing – Influences non conscientes de la publicité et de la communication marketing: état des recherches et nouvelles perspectives

#Données #Humanitaire – The Humanitarian Data Exchange >

#Communication – Israel, Gaza, War & Data. social networks and the art of personalizing propaganda


//mardi 02/09

#Iraq: The Economic and Governance Sides of the Crisis

#Sociologie – Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest (revue en libre accès #OA)

#SciencePolitique – Winning the Campaign Against the Islamic State: Key Strategic and Tactical Challenges


//mercredi 03/09

#Environnement – Sustainable management of natural resources

#Sociologie – Activist capitals in network societies: Towards a typology…

#Gestion – The Digital Future: A Game Plan for Consumer Packaged Goods


//jeudi 04/09

Security of the #Internet, e-Government, cloud computing and social networks

#Sociologie #BigData – Active players in a network tell the story

#Economie #Gestion – The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing


//vendredi 05/09

#Sociologie – The effects of ambient media: What unplugging reveals about being plugged in

#Emploi #Société – Travail et pauvreté en #Europe >

#Gestion – Generating Social Business Value across the Enterprise


//samedi 06/09

#Sociologie – The Rules of Implicit Evaluation by Race, Religion, and Age

#Médias – Journalists’ interpretations of press freedom in six new democracies – #SubscriptionRequired

#Economie #Gestion #Urbanisme – Agglomeration and Innovation. Why does innovative activity tend to occur in clusters?

#Médias #Business – HollyTube >

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