#Entreprenariat – Working papers #RePEc (13/06/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Sélection de documents de travail dans le domaine de entreprenariat:

Accounting for Job Growth: Disentangling Size and Age Effects in an International Cohort Comparison
Michael Anyadike-Danes, Carl Magnus Bjuggren, Sandra Gottschalk, Werner Hölzl, Dan Johansson, Mika Maliranta and Anja Myrann 
Research Institute of Industrial Economics
Keywords: Birth cohort; Firm age; Firm size; Firm survival; Firm growth
JEL-code: E24 L25 M13

Local Competitiveness fostered through Local Institutions for Entrepreneurship
Martin Andersson and Magnus Henrekson 
Lund University, CIRCLE – Center for Innovation, R…
Keywords: Business climate; Entrepreneurship; Institutions; Job creation; Local policies; Startups; Regulation…
JEL-code: D22 H70 L26 M13 O43 R38

The Impact of Financial Constraints and Wealth Inequality on International Trade Flows, Capital Movements and Entrepreneurial Migration
Spiros Bougheas and Rod Falvey 
University of Nottingham, GEP
Keywords: entrepreneurial migration; trade flows; capital flows; wealth inequality; financial frictions

The importance (or not) of patents to UK firms
Bronwyn Hughes Hall 
National Institute of Economic and Social Research

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Evidence from SMEs in Prishtina region, Kosovo
Arbiana Govori 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, SMEs, Competition, Strategy, Funding
JEL-code: M0 M1 M2 O3 O30 O31 O32 O33 O34 O38

Regional Unemployment Structure and New Firm Formation
David B. Audretsch, Dirk Christian Dohse and Annekatrin Niebuhr 
Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Keywords: regional unemployment, new business formation, skill structure, long-term unemployment
JEL-code: M13 R12 J64


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