#EconomieEuropéenne – Working papers #RePEc (12/06/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Sélection de documents de travail sur l’économie de l’Europe:

The process of financial integration of EU economies
Marco Veronese Passarella 
Financialisation, Economy, Society & Sustainable D…
Keywords: Financial Crises, Govern Policy and Regulation of Financial Markets, Financial Institutions, Varieti…
JEL-code: G01 G18 G21 N20

International Capital Flows and the Boom-Bust Cycle in Spain
in’tVeld, Jan, Robert Kollmann, Beatrice Pataracchia, Marco Ratto and Werner Roeger 
ULB — Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Keywords: international capital flows; boom-bust cycle; sudden stop; housing market; financial frictions; spai…
JEL-code: C11 E21 E32 E62

The Impact of Euro Adoption on Export Performance: Comparison of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Oliver Polyak 
Charles University Prague, Faculty of Social Scien…
Keywords: competitiveness, euro adoption, export, Czech Republic, Slovakia
JEL-code: F14 F15

EMU sovereign debt market crisis: Fundamentals-based or pure contagion?
Marta Gómez-Puig and Simon Sosvilla-Rivero 
University of Barcelona, Research Institute of App…
Keywords: Sovereign bond spreads, contagion, Granger-causality, time-varying approach, euro area, ordered logi…

Addressing weak inflation: The European Central Bank’s shopping list
Grégory Claeys, Zsolt Darvas, Silvia Merler and Guntram Wolff 

Searching under the lamp-post: the evolution of fiscal surveillance
Deborah Mabbett and Waltraud Schelkle 
European Institute, LSE
Keywords: economic governance, financial crisis, Stability and Growth Pact

Distributive Effects of the Crisis and Austerity in Seven EU Countries
Manos Matsaganis and Chrysa Leventi 
Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy, Universit…
Keywords: austerity, crisis, income distribution, microsimulation, European Union, EU-SILC, EUROMOD
JEL-code: C81 D3 I3 H2 H31

Denmark’s fixed exchange rate regime and the delayed recovery from the Global Financial Crisis: A comparative macroeconomic analysis
Thomas Barnebeck Andersen and Nikolaj Malchow-Møller 
Department of Business and Economics, University o…
Keywords: Exchange rate regimes; monetary policy; financial crisis; economic growth
JEL-code: E52 E62 E65 F33 O57

The Taylor Rule and Financial Stability: A Literature Review with Application for the Eurozone
Benjamin Käfer 
Philipps-Universität Marburg, Faculty of Business …
Keywords: Taylor rule, financial stability, sovereign debt crisis, Eurozone heterogeneity, exchange rates, ass…
JEL-code: E52 F33 F42

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