#CommerceInternational – Working papers #RePEc (10/06/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Sélection de documents de travail dans le domaine du commerce international:

Trade and Intellectual Property Rights in the Agricultural Seed Sector
Derek Eaton 
Centre for International Environmental Studies, Th…
Keywords: agriculture, inputs, trade, intellectual property rights
JEL-code: F13 O34 Q17

The labor market effects of trade unions Layard meets Melitz
Marco de Pinto and Jochen Michaelis 
Philipps-Universität Marburg, Faculty of Business …
Keywords: Trade unions, lobbying, trade liberalization.
JEL-code: F13 F16 J51

Determinants of Austrian International Trade: Analysis Based on the Gravity Model
Lucie Davidova and Vladimir Benacek 
Charles University Prague, Faculty of Social Scien…
Keywords: Austria, export, gravity model, fixed effects, random effects
JEL-code: C13 C23 F10 F12 F14

The Impact of Euro Adoption on Export Performance: Comparison of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Oliver Polyak 
Charles University Prague, Faculty of Social Scien…
Keywords: competitiveness, euro adoption, export, Czech Republic, Slovakia
JEL-code: F14 F15

In Search of the Armington Elasticity
Robert C. Feenstra, Philip A. Luck, Maurice Obstfeld and Katheryn Niles Russ 
National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc
JEL-code: F12 F14 F42

Regional integration in Africa: Challenges and prospects
Jaime de Melo and Yvonne Tsikata 
World Institute for Development Economic Research …
Keywords: regional integration, Africa, trade creation, trade diversion, Franc zone, trade liberalization

Learning by exporting: The case of Mozambican manufacturing
Antonio Cruz, Carol Frances Newman, John Rand and Finn Tarp 
World Institute for Development Economic Research …
Keywords: firm level analysis, export, Mozambique

Exporting and productivity: The role of ownership and innovation in the case of Vietnam
Carol Frances Newman, John Rand, Finn Tarp and Nguyen Thi Tue Anh 
World Institute for Development Economic Research …
Keywords: learning by exporting, self-selection, productivity, Vietnam, firm ownership, innovation

Exporting and foreign direct investment spillovers: Cambodia.s experience
Luyna Ung and Sokty Chhair 
World Institute for Development Economic Research …
Keywords: exports, foreign direct investment, institutional constraints, spillovers, Cambodia

10 Toward economic diversification in Trinidad and Tobago
Rohan Longmore, Pascal Jaupart and Marta Riveira Cazorla 
The World Bank
Keywords: Economic Theory&Research,Emerging Markets,Access to Finance,Debt Markets,Currencies and Exchange Rat…

11 The impact of exchange rate volatility on trade: Evidence for the Czech Republic
Oxana Babecka Kucharcukova 
Charles University Prague, Faculty of Social Scien…
Keywords: Gravity model of trade, Exchange rate volatility, Poisson estimator
JEL-code: F14 F31 F4

12 Trade adjustment dynamics and the welfare gains from trade
George Alessandria, Horag Choi and Kim J. Ruhl 
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Keywords: Sunk cost; Fixed cost; Establishment heterogeneity; Tariffs; Welfare; DSGE
JEL-code: E31 F12

13 Employment of Undocumented Immigrants and the Prospect of Legal Status: Evidence from an Amnesty Program
Carlo Devillanova, Francesco Fasani and Tommaso Frattini 
Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CRe…
Keywords: Illegal immigration, Natural experiment, Legalization
JEL-code: F22 J61 K37

14 Information externalities and export duration at the firm level
Ricardo Arguello, Andres F. García and Daniel Valderrama 
Keywords: Information externalities, export duration, export dynamics, duration analysis, survival of trade
JEL-code: F14 C41

15 Trade diversification in Colombia, 1991-2011
Ricardo Arguello 
Keywords: Export diversification, import diversification, trade margins, Colombia, empirical trade studies
JEL-code: F14 O24


Image: NYPL

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