#EconomicsOfAgeing – Working papers (#RePEc, 20/05/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Sélection de working papers sur les aspects économiques de la démographie:

Looking back in anger? Retirement and unemployment scarring
Clemens Hetschko, Andreas Knabe and Ronnie Schöb 
Free University Berlin, School of Business & Econo…
Keywords: unemployment scarring,life satisfaction,retirement
JEL-code: I31 J26

Sliding down the U-shape? An investigation of the age-well-being relationship, with a focus on young adults
Alan T. Piper 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: Life Satisfaction, Aging, Young People, Dynamic Panel Analysis
JEL-code: C23 I31 J13

Reaching the Underserved Elderly and Working Poor in SNAP: Evaluation Findings from the Fiscal Year 2009 Pilots
Jacqueline Kauff, Lisa Dragoset, Elizabeth Clary, Elizabeth Laird, Libby Makowsky and Emily Samaa-Miller 
Mathematica Policy Research
Keywords: SNAP, Access, Elderly, Working poor, outreach, application assistance, participation
JEL-code: I0 I1

Job insecurity, employability, and health: An analysis for Germany across generations
Steffen Otterbach and Alfonso Sousa-Poza 
University of Hohenheim, Center for Research on In…
Keywords: job insecurity,employment,employability,well-being,health,Germany
JEL-code: J21 J22

The Sooner The Better – The Welfare Effects of the Retirement Age Increase Under Various Pension Schemes
Marcin Bielecki, Karolina Goraus, Jan Hagemejer and Joanna Tyrowicz 
Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw
Keywords: pension system, defined benefit, NDC, retirement age, pension system reform, welfare
JEL-code: C68 E17 E25 J11 J24 H55 D72

Too Old To Work, Too Young To Retire?
Andrea Ichino, Guido Schwerdt, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer and Josef Zweimüller 
Sciences Po

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