#Microeconomics – Working papers (#RePEc, 19/05/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Sélection de working papers dans le domaine de la microéconomie:

Optimal Rationing within a Heterogenous Population
Philippe Choné and Stephane Gauthier 
Université Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris 1), Centre d’E…
Keywords: Rationing, screening, universal coverage, upward distortion, Spence-Mirrlees condition.
JEL-code: I18 D82 D61

Hotelling Games on Networks: Efficiency of Equilibria
Gaëtan Fournier and Marco Scarsini 
Université Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris 1), Centre d’E…
Keywords: Induced price of anarchy, induced price of stability, location games on networks, pure equilibria, l…
JEL-code: C72 R30 R39

Awards are a Special Kind of Signal
Bruno S. Frey and Jana Gallus 
Center for Research in Economics, Management and t…
Keywords: Awards; prizes; incentives; signaling theory; principal-agent framework

With God We Trust: Religion, Trust and Cooperation in Large-Scale Societies
Julien Gagnon 
Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge
Keywords: Cooperation; Emotions; Psychological Game Theory; Punishment; Religion; Trust.
JEL-code: D02 D03 D71 D81 Z12

A new epistemic model
Miklós Pintér 
Corvinus University of Budapest
Keywords: Incomplete information game, Agreeing to disagree, Nash equilibrium, Epistemic game theory, Knowledg…
JEL-code: C70 C72 D80 D82 D83

Too much or too little? Price-discrimination in a market for credence goods
Uwe Dulleck, Rudolf Kerschbamer and Alexander Konovalov 
Faculty of Economics and Statistics, University of…
Keywords: Price Discrimination, Credence Goods, Experts, Discounters, Distribution Channels
JEL-code: L15 D82 D40

Strategically Equivalent Contests
Subhasish Chowdhury and Roman M. Sheremeta 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: rent-seeking, contest, equivalence, contest design
JEL-code: C72 D72 D74

Ideological Dissent in Downsian Politics
Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Manaswini Bhalla, Kalysan Chatterjee and Jaideep Roy 
Department of Economics, University of Birmingham
Keywords: Sequential entry, Unobserved quality, Stratetic dissent, Polarization, Endogenous Order
JEL-code: C72 D72 D82

A Theory of Price Adjustment under Loss Aversion
Steffen Ahrens, Inske Pirschel and Dennis J. Snower 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: price sluggishness, loss aversion, state-dependent pricing
JEL-code: D03 D21 E31 E50

10 Consumer Choice Theory and Social Learning
Anais Carlin 
Groupe de REcherche en Droit, Économie, Gestion (G…
Keywords: Preference formation, preference change, learning, path dependency
JEL-code: D01 D11 D83

11 Existence of an Equilibrium for Lower Semicontinuous Information Acquisition Functions
Agnes Bialecki, Eleonore Haguet and Gabriel Turinici 
Keywords: information acquisition; heterogeneous beliefs; heterogeneous estimations; Grossman-Stiglitz paradox…

12 Behaviour-Based Price Discrimination under Advertising and Imperfectly Informed Consumers
Rosa-Branca Esteves and Sofia Cerqueira 
NIPE – Universidade do Minho

13 Strong equilibrium in games with common and complementary local utilities
Nikolai S. Kukushkin 
University Library of Munich, Germany
Keywords: Strong equilibrium; Weakest-link aggregation; Coalition improvement path; Congestion game; Game with…
JEL-code: C72

14 Behaviour-Based Price Discrimination with Retention Offers
Rosa-Branca Esteves 
NIPE – Universidade do Minho

15 Product Upgrades and Posted Prices
Mustafa Dogan 
Penn Institute for Economic Research, Department o…
Keywords: durable goods, product upgrades, commitment, posted prices, dynamic mechanism design
JEL-code: D42 D82

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