#EuropeanEconomics – Working papers (#RePEc, 15/05/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Sélection de working papers dans le domaine de l’économie européenne:

Economic Growth from the Household Perspective: GDP and Income Distribution Developments Across OECD Countries
Orsetta Causa, Sonia Araujo, Agnès Cavaciuti, Nicolas Ruiz and Zuzana Smidova 
OECD Publishing
Keywords: income distribution, poverty, median income, polarisation, middle class, inequality, polarisation, c…
JEL-code: D31 I31 I32


Corporate Financing Choices after the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis
João Pinto and Mário Coutinho dos Santos 
Faculdade de Economia e Gestão, Universidade Catól…
Keywords: financing, security design, loan and bond pricing, structured finance, project finance, asset securi…
JEL-code: F34 G01 G12 G21 G24


The single supervisory mechanism or “SSM”, part one of the Banking Union
Eddy Wymeersch 
National Bank of Belgium
Keywords: Regulation Single Supervisory Mechanism, European Central Bank, European Banking Authority, banking …
JEL-code: G20 G28 G38


Nowcasting Belgium
David de Antonio Liedo 
National Bank of Belgium
Keywords: news, dynamic factor models, EM algorithm
JEL-code: C32 C53 E37


Post Reunification Economic Fluctuations in Germany: A Real Business Cycle Interpretation
Michael A. Flor 
Universitaet Augsburg, Institute for Economics
Keywords: Macroeconomic Data, National Income, Product Accounts, Economic Fluctuations, Real Business Cycles
JEL-code: C82 E01 E32


The productivity puzzle: a firm-level investigation into employment behaviour and resource allocation over the crisis
Alina Barnett, Adrian Chiu, Jeremy Franklin and Maria Sebastia-Barriel 
Bank of England
Keywords: Productivity growth; long-run growth; resource reallocation; entry; exit; financial crisis
JEL-code: E32 L11 O47


The « True » Deficit
Maria Marcanova and Ludovit Odor 
Council for Budget Responsibility
Keywords: fiscal policy, budget balance, structural fiscal balance, one-off measures
JEL-code: E32 E60 E62 H30 H60 H62


The impact of the global and eurozone crises on European banks stocks Some evidence of shift contagion
Jean-Pierre Allegret, Helene RAYMOND and Houda Rharrabti 
University of Paris West – Nanterre la Défense, Ec…
Keywords: Smooth Transition Regression model, European sovereign debt crisis, Banks’ equity returns, Contagion…
JEL-code: E6 F3 G2


La Meglio Gioventù: Earnings Gaps across Generations and Skills in Italy
Paolo Naticchioni, Michele Raitano and Claudia Vittori 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: youth, cohorts, education, earnings, Italy
JEL-code: J24 J31


10 Supporting Access to Finance by SMEs: Mapping the initiatives in five EU countries
Federico Infelise 
Centre for European Policy Studies


11 The EMS Crisis of the 1990s: Parallels with the present crisis?
Daniel Gros 
Centre for European Policy Studies


12 Nonlinearities in Sovereign Risk Pricing: The Role of CDS Index Contract
Richard Portes, Julien Fouquau and Anne-Laure Delatte 
Paris Dauphine University
Keywords: European sovereign crisis; Panel Smooth Threshold Regression Models; CDS indices;
JEL-code: E44 F34 G12 H63 C23


13 The relationship between debt level and fiscal sustainability in OECD countries
Mariam Camarero, Josep Lluís Carrion–Silvestre and Cecilio Tamarit 
Department of Applied Economics II, Universidad de…
Keywords: fi scal sustainability, cointegration, unit roots, structural breaks
JEL-code: H62 E62 C22


14 Capital income shares and income inequality in the European Union
Eva Schlenker and Kai Daniel Schmid 
ECINEQ, Society for the Study of Economic Inequali…
Keywords: Factor shares, income inequality, EU-SILC, fixed effects.
JEL-code: D31 D33 E6 E25


15 Offshoring, employment, labour market reform and inequality: Modelling the German experience
Thomas Beissinger, Nathalie Chusseau and Joel Hellier 
ECINEQ, Society for the Study of Economic Inequali…
Keywords: Germany, inequality, labour market reform, offshoring, unemployment.
JEL-code: H55 J31 J65


16 The Lifetime Earnings Premium in the Public Sector: The View from Europe
Matt Dickson, Fabien Postel-Vinay and Hélène Turon 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: income dynamics, job mobility, public-private inequality, selection effects, institutions
JEL-code: J45 J31 J62


17 Economic Growth and Political Integration: Estimating the Benefits from Membership in the European Union Using the Synthetic Counterfactuals Method
Nauro F. Campos, Fabrizio Coricelli and Luigi Moretti 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: economic growth, European Union, synthetic counterfactuals
JEL-code: C33 F15 F43 O52


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