#InternationalTrade – Working papers (#RePEc, 16/04/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Differential Impacts of Foreign Capital and Remittance Inflows on Domestic Savings in the Developing Countries: A Dynamic Heterogeneous Panel Analysis
Delwar Hossain 
The Australian National University, Arndt-Corden D…
Keywords: Domestic savings, Foreign capital inflows, Foreign Aid. Models with panel data
JEL-code: C23 E21 E22 F21 F35
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

Trade Liberalization, Inequality and Poverty in Brazilian States
Marta Castilho, Marta Menéndez and Aude Sztulman 
Keywords: Trade Liberalization ; Poverty and inequality ; Latin America ; Brazilian states
Created/Revised: 2014-03-28Downloads

Is Export Diversification good for Profitability? First Evidence for Manufacturing Enterprises in Germany
Joachim Wagner 
Royal Institute of Technology, CESIS – Centre of E…
Keywords: Exports; diversification; profitability; Germany
JEL-code: F14
Created/Revised: 2014-03-25Downloads

The price and income elasticities of the top clothing exporters: Evidence from a panel data analysis
Donatella Baiardi, Carluccio Bianchi and Eleonora Lorenzini 
University of Pavia, Department of Economics and M…
Keywords: Clothing exports, Price and income elasticities, Parameter stability, Panel data analysis Quality, P…
JEL-code: F14 C23 L67
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Openness, Specialisation and Vulnerability of the Nordic Countries
Ville Kaitila and Tuomo Virkola 
The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
Keywords: international trade, small open economy, Nordic countries, specialisation, vulnerability
JEL-code: F14 F6 L00
Created/Revised: 2014-03-27Downloads

A Simple Model of Offshore Outsourcing, Technology Upgrading and Welfare
Jaewon Jung and Jean Mercenier 
Keywords: Offshore outsourcing ; Globalization ; Skill upgrading, Technology upgrading ; Firm heterogeneity
Created/Revised: 2014-03-28Downloads

A global view of cross-border migration
Julian di Giovanni, Andrei A. Levchenko and Francesc Ortega 
Department of Economics and Business, Universitat …
Keywords: Migration, Remittances, International Trade, Welfare
JEL-code: F12 F15 F22 F24
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

The Margins of Global Sourcing: Theory and Evidence from U.S. Firms
Pol Antrà s, Teresa C. Fort and Felix Tintelnot 
Harvard University OpenScholar
Created/Revised: 2014-01Downloads

Regulatory environment and firm performance in EU telecommunications services
Daniel Montolio, Francesc Trillas and Elisa Trujillo-Baute 
Institut d’Economia de Barcelona (IEB)
Keywords: Regulation, firm performance, telecommunications, multinational firms
JEL-code: L51 L25 L96 F23
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

10 Foreign trade of the EU27
Sabine Stephan and Jonas Löbbing 
IMK at the Hans Boeckler Foundation, Macroeconomic…
Created/Revised: 2013Downloads

11 Task Trade and its determinants in Spain: a national and regional analysis
José Ramón García, Fabio Manca and Jordi Suriñach 
University of Barcelona, Research Institute of App…
Keywords: task trade, offshore, occupations, national/regional offshoring, tasks. JEL classification: F14, F16…
Created/Revised: 2014-04Downloads

12 Financing Higher Education when Students and Graduates are Internationally Mobile
Silke Übelmesser and Marcel Gérard 
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Max-Planck-Ins…
Keywords: Mobility of students, Mobility of graduates, Financing of higher education
JEL-code: F22 H52 I23
Created/Revised: 2014-03-31Downloads

13 TPP, RCEP, and Japan’s Agricultural Policy Reforms
Hiro Lee and Ken Itakura 
Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka…
Keywords: TPP, RCEP, CGE model, Japan, agricultural policy reform
JEL-code: F15 F17
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

14 Does Finance Really Matter for the Participation of SMEs in International Trade? Evidence from 8,080 East Asian Firms
Yothin Jinjarak, Paulo Jose Mutuc and Ganeshan Wignaraja 
Asian Development Bank Institute
Keywords: small and medium enterprises; sme; international trade; export markets
JEL-code: D22 E44 F14 L16 O14
Created/Revised: 2014-03-31Downloads

15 Immigration and Manufacturing In Italy.Evidence from the 2000s
Giuseppe De Arcangelis, Edoardo Di Porto and Gianluca Santoni 
Sapienza University of Rome, DISS
Keywords: Sector Analysis, Rybczynski Effect, International Migration.
JEL-code: F22 C25
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

16 Accounting for Skill Premium Patterns during the EU Accession: Productivity or Trade?
Sang-Wook Cho and Juliàn Dìaz 
School of Economics, The University of New South W…
Keywords: Transition Economies, Skill Premium, Trade Liberalization, Skill-biased Technical Change, Capital-sk…
JEL-code: D58 E16 F16 O33
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

17 Multi-product exporters, variable markups and exchange rate fluctuations
Mauro Caselli, Arpita Chatterjee and Alan Woodland 
School of Economics, The University of New South W…
Keywords: multi-product, variable markup, exchange rate pass-through, local distribution cost, Mexico
JEL-code: D22 D24 F12 F14 F41 L11
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

18 Changes in Global Trade Patterns and Women’s Employment in Manufacturing: An Analysis Over the Period of Asianization and De-industrialization
Burça Kýzýlýrmak, Emel Memiþ, Þirin Saracoðlu and Ebru Voyvoda
Turkish Economic Association
Keywords: North-South trade; decomposition analysis; factor content analysis; gender bias.
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

19 Investigating the Role of Extensive Margin, Intensive Margin, Price and Quantity Components on Turkey’s Export Growth during 1998-2011
Turkish Economic Association
Keywords: Turkey, export margins
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

20 Regional Economic Activity in Turkey: A New Economic Geography Approach
Mehmet Burak Turgut 
Turkish Economic Association
Keywords: Regional economic activity, Turkey, economic geography model
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

21 Trade Patterns And Export Pricing Under Non-Ces Preferences
Sergey Kichko, Sergey Kokovin and Evgeny Zhelobodko 
National Research University Higher School of Econ…
Keywords: international trade, monopolistic competition, capital asymmetry, variable markups
JEL-code: F12 F13
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

22 Do Immigrants Bring Good Health?
Osea Giuntella and Fabrizio Mazzonna 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: immigration, health
JEL-code: F22 I10 J15 J61
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

23 Impact on Asian firms of product-related environmental regulations through global supply chains: a study of firms in Malaysia
Etsuyo Michida, Yasushi Ueki and Kaoru Nabeshima 
Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External …
Keywords: Malaysia, Environmental protection, International trade, Industrial standards, Foreign investments, …
JEL-code: F18 O14
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

24 The policy impact of product-related environmental regulations in Asia
Etsuyo Michida 
Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External …
Keywords: Asia, Europe, Environmental protection, Manufacturing industries, Industrial standards, Environmenta…
JEL-code: F18 O2
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

25 Imported intermediate inputs and Egyptian exports: Exploring the links
María D. Parra and Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso 
Economics Department, Universitat Jaume I, Castell…
Keywords: imported intermediates, exporting activity, internationalization, Egypt
JEL-code: F10
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

26 Immigrants and Firms’ Productivity: Evidence from France
Cristina Mitaritonna, Gianluca Orefice and Giovanni Peri 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: immigrants, firms, productivity, heterogeneity, fixed costs of hiring
JEL-code: F22 E25 J61
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

27 Female Brain Drains and Women’s Rights Gaps: A Gravity Model Analysis of Bilateral Migration Flows
Maryam Naghsh Nejad and Andrew Young 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: female brain drain, high skilled female migration, bilateral migration flows, women’s rights, instit…
JEL-code: F22 J11 J61 J16 O17 O43
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

28 A Short-Run Analysis of Exchange Rates and International Trade with an Application to Australia, New Zealand, and Japan
José Anson, Mauro Boffa and Matthias Helble 
Asian Development Bank Institute
Keywords: price stickiness; international arbitrage; international trade; exchange rates
JEL-code: F14 F31
Created/Revised: 2014-04-04Downloads

29 Estimating the effect of chemical safety standards on firm performance in Malaysia and Vietnam
Tsunehiro Otsuki, Etsuyo Michida, Kaoru Nabeshima and Yasushi Ueki 
Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External …
Keywords: Malaysia, Vietnam, Environmental protection, International trade, Environmental policy, Industrial s…
JEL-code: F14 L15 O53
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

30 Impact of product-related environmental regulations in Asia: descriptive statistics from a survey of firms in Vietnam
Etsuyo Michida, Kaoru Nabeshima and Yasushi Ueki 
Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External …
Keywords: Vietnam, Environmental protection, Industrial standards, Foreign investments, International trade, S…
JEL-code: F18 O14
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

31 Environmental provisions in Japanese regional trade agreements with developing countries
Akiko Yanai 
Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External …
Keywords: Developing countries, Japan, Environmental protection, International trade, FTA, International agree…
JEL-code: F18
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

32 Together at Last: Trade Costs, Demand Structure, and Welfare
J. Peter Neary and Monika Mrazova 
University of Oxford, Department of Economics
Keywords: Additively Separable Preference, CES Preference, Iceberg Trade Costs, Quantifying Gains from Trade, …
JEL-code: F12 F15 F17
Created/Revised: 2014-01-20Downloads

33 Input-Trade Liberalization, Export Prices and Quality Upgrading
Maria Bas and Vanessa Strauss-Kahn 
Sciences Po
Keywords: Firm heterogeneity, imported inputs, trade liberatization, export prices, quality upgrade, mark-up,
JEL-code: F10 F12 F13
Created/Revised: 2013-09Downloads

34 Welfare and Trade Without Pareto
Keith Head, Thierry Mayer and Mathias Thoenig 
Sciences Po
Created/Revised: 2014-01Downloads

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