#HumanResources – Working papers (#RePEc, 10/04/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Workplace Environment and Female Employment: An empirical analysis using firm panel data (Japanese)
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry …
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Optimal Employment Contracts with Hidden Search
Rasmus Lentz 
National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc
JEL-code: E24 J01 J24 J31 J33 J41 J6 J63 J64
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Tenure, experience, human capital and wages: a tractable equilibrium search model of wage dynamics
Jesper Bagger, Francois Fontaine and Jean-Marc Robin 
Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice, Institu…
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Optimal Incentives in a Principal-Agent Model with Endogenous Technology
Marco A. Marini, Paolo Polidori, Desiree Teobaldelli and Davide Ticchi 
Department of Computer, Control and Management Eng…
Keywords: principal-agent; incentives; risk aversion; endogenous technology
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

Intinsically Motivated Agents: Blessing or Curse for Firms ?
Ester Manna 
ULB — Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Keywords: spatial competition; intrinsically motivated agents; prisoner’s dilemma
JEL-code: D30 D21 L13
Created/Revised: 2013-10Downloads

Educational Diversity and Knowledge Transfers via Inter-Firm Labor Mobility
Marianna Marino, Pierpaolo Parrotta and Dario Pozzoli 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: educational diversity, knowledge transfer, inter-firm labor mobility, firm productivity
JEL-code: J24 J60 L20
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Optimal contracting with endogenous project mission
Lea Cassar 
Department of Economics – University of Zurich
Keywords: Optimal contracting, non-monetary incentives, mission preferences, intrinsic motivation
JEL-code: H41 D64 D82
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

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