#DemographicEconomics – Working papers (#RePEc, 01/04/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Women’s Empowerment in Action: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in Africa
Oriana Bandiera, Niklas Buehren, Robin Burgess, Markus Goldstein, Selim Gulesci, Imran Rasul and Munshi Sulaiman 
Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Econo…
JEL-code: I25 J13 J24 O12
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Suicide and Property Rights in India
Siwan Anderson and Garance Genicot 
National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc
JEL-code: D1 K36 O1
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Education Promoted Secularization
Sascha O. Becker, Markus Nagler and Ludger Woessmann 
Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE)
Keywords: Secularization, education, history, Germany
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

Scraping by: Income and program participation after the loss of extended unemployment benefits
Jesse Rothstein and Robert G. Valletta 
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Created/Revised: 2014-01Downloads

Demographic transitions in Europe and the world
Frans J. Willekens 
Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Ros…
Keywords: demographic transition
JEL-code: J1 Z0
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Motherhood after the age of 35 in Poland
Anna Rybiñska 
Institute of Statistics and Demography, Warsaw Sch…
Keywords: late motherhood, fertility postponement, sequence analysis, life course, Poland
JEL-code: J13
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

Endogenous fertility with a sibship size effect
Elise S. Brezis and Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira 
Bureau d’Economie Théorique et Appliquée, UDS, Str…
Keywords: Endogenous fertility, Intergenerational transfers, Human capital formation, Demographic transition.
JEL-code: E24 J13
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

Female labor force participation and economic growth– re-examination of U-shaped curve
Ewa Lechman 
Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdansk Univer…
Keywords: female labor force, women, economic growth, U-shaped curve, panel data
JEL-code: J21 O10 O50
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

Does Secular Education Impact Religiosity, Electoral Participation and the Propensity to Vote for Islamic Parties? Evidence from an Education Reform in a Muslim Country
Resul Cesur and Naci Mocan 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: education, religion, Islam, Muslim, voting, modernity, head scarf, burka, Islamic party
JEL-code: I2 Z12 D72
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

10 Newborn Health and the Business Cycle: Is It Good to Be Born in Bad Times?
Ainhoa Aparicio Fenoll and Libertad Gonzalez 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: newborn health, business cycle, Spain
JEL-code: E32 I10 J13
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

11 The Power of the Purse: New Evidence on the Distribution of Income and Expenditures within the Family from a Canadian Experiment
Catherine Haeck, Pierre Lefebvre and Xiaozhou Zhou 
Keywords: Childcare policy, mother’s labor supply, intrahousehold expenditures, treatment effects, natural exp…
JEL-code: H42 J21 J22
Created/Revised: 2014Downloads

12 The Quantity and Quality of Children: A Semi-Parametric Bayesian IV Approach
Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter, Martin Halla, Alexandra Posekany, Gerald J. Pruckner and Thomas Schober 
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Keywords: quantity-quality model of fertility, family size, human capital, health, semi-parametric Bayesian IV…
JEL-code: J13 C26 C11 I20 J20 I10
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

13 Does grief transfer across generations? In-utero deaths and child outcomes
Sandra E. Black, Paul J. Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes 
National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc
JEL-code: I1 I2 J13
Created/Revised: 2014-03Downloads

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