#DemographicEconomics – Working papers (#RePEc, 21/03/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Technology Adoption and Demographic Change 

Cultures of Female Entrepreneurship 

Parents’ Education and their Adult Offspring’s Other-Regarding Behavour 

Intergenerational correlation of domestic work: Does gender matter? 

Economic Reforms and Gender-based Wage Inequality in the Presence of Factor Market Distortions

The college gender gap reversal: Insights from a life-cycle perspective 

The causal effects of the number of children on female employment-do European institutional and gender conditions matter? 

Selection and the Measured Black-White Wage Gap Among Young Women Revisited 

Remittances and Child Labour in Africa: Evidence from Burkina Faso 

Empowering Women: The Effect of Schooling on Young Women’s Knowledge and Use of Contraception

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