#Macroeconomics – Working papers (#RePEC, 17/03/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers


Theories of financial crises: An overview 

Financialisation, distribution, growth and crises: Long-run tendencies 

Financial, economic and social systems: French Regulation School, Social Structures of Accumulation and Post-Keynesian approaches compared 

Keynesian macroeconomics without the LM curve: IS-MP-IA model and Taylor rule applied to some CESEE economies

An Estimated Small Open Economy Model with Labour Market Frictions 

Safe Assets’ Scarcity, Liquidity and Spreads 

Direct and Indirect Use of Fossil Fuels in Farming: Cost of Fuel-price Rise for Indian Agriculture 

Modelling Inflation Shifts and Persistence in Tunisia: Perspective from an Evolutionary spectral approach 

Stock returns and Inflation in Pakistan

U.S. Natural Gas Exports and their Global Impacts 

Measuring Environmental and Economic Efficiency in Italy: an Application of the Malmquist-DEA and Grey Forecasting Model 

Monetary Policy and Value Judgments: Did we forget Myrdal’s legacy ? 

On the Relationship between Public and Private Investment in the Euro Area 

Testing Unemployment Theories: A Multivariate Long Memory Approach

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