#InternationalTrade – Working papers (#RePEC, 17/03/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Foreign ownership and market power in banking: Evidence from a world sample 

Option Values and the Choice of Trade Agreements 

The impact of Migrant Workers’ Remittances on the Living Standards of families in Morocco: a Propensity Score Matching Approach 

South Caucasus–People’s Republic of China Bilateral Free Trade Agreements: Why It Matters 

Incomplete VAT rebates to exporters: how do they affect China’s export performance?

U.S. Natural Gas Exports and their Global Impacts 

Assessing the Experience of South Asia–East Asia Integration and India’s Role 

Do Migrants Send Remittances as a Way of Self-Insurance? Evidence from a Representative Immigrant Survey 

Globalization, Infrastructure, and Inclusive Growth

The Role of Commitment in Bilateral Trade

The effects of globalization on wage inequality: New insights from a dynamic trade model with heterogeneous firms 

Interacting product and labor market regulation and the impact of immigration on native wages 

Networks and the Dynamics of Firms’ Export Portfolio: Evidence for Mexico 

The Surprisingly Swift Decline of U.S. Manufacturing Employment 

When Do Remittances Facilitate Asset Accumulation? The Importance of Remittance Income Uncertainty

Navigating in Troubled Waters: South American Exports of Food and Agricultural Products in the World Market, 1900-1938 

Location determinants of migrant inflows: The Spanish case? 

How Do Terms of Trade Affect Productivity? The Role of Monopolistic Output Markets 

An Empirical Examination of Trade Relations between New Zealand and China in the Context of a Free Trade Agreement 

Rethinking the National Export Initiative

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