#GameTheory – Working papers (#RePEC, 17/03/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

Evolutionary Stability of Indirect Reciprocity by Image Scoring 

Truthful Equilibria in Dynamic Bayesian Games 

Fairness Through the Lens of Cooperative Game Theory: An Experimental Approach 

Comparing Generalized Median Voter Schemes According to their Manipulability 

On the restricted cores and the bounded core of games on distributive lattices

A property rights based consolidation approach 

Incomplete Contracting, Renegotiation, and Expectation-Based Loss Aversion 

Negotiating to Avoid « Gradual » versus « Dangerous » Climate Change: An Experimental Test of Two Prisoners’ Dilemma 

Efficiency in repeated games with local interaction and uncertain local monitoring 

Discriminatory versus uniform-price auctions

Brothers in Alms? Coordination Betwen Nonprofits on Markets for Donations

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