#EuropeanEconomics – Working papers (11/03/2014)


Source: RePEc – EconPapers

The Slump and Immigration Policy in Europe – http://econpapers.repec.org/paper/izaizadps/dp7985.htm

Is the European Central Bank Failing Its Price Stability Mandate? – http://econpapers.repec.org/paper/iiepbrief/pb14-5.htm

The cost of firms’ debt financing and the global financial crisis – http://econpapers.repec.org/paper/bdiwptemi/td_5f950_5f14.htm

The causal linkages between sovereign CDS prices for the BRICS and major European economies – http://econpapers.repec.org/paper/zbwifwedp/20149.htm

TFP estimation and productivity drivers in the European Union – http://econpapers.repec.org/paper/zbwcegedp/189.htm

On the Relationship between Public and Private Investment in the Euro Area – http://econpapers.repec.org/paper/diwdiwwpp/dp1365.htm

The relationship between GDP and the size of the informal economy: Empirical evidence for Spain – http://econpapers.repec.org/paper/zbwleiwps/127.htm

Measuring too-big-to-fail funding advantages from small banks’ CDS spreads – http://econpapers.repec.org/paper/cpbdiscus/268.htm

Why is Germany’s manufacturing industry so competitive? – http://econpapers.repec.org/paper/zbwifwkpb/69.htm

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