Economie: working papers (NBER, 21/05/2012)

Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis

1.  Family Ties, Inheritance Rights, and Successful Poverty Alleviation: Evidence from Ghana by Edward Kutsoati, Randall Morck #18080 (CF)


2.  Fixing the Patent Office

by Mark A. Lemley #18081 (LE)


3.  Why Did So Many People Make So Many Ex Post Bad Decisions?  The Causes of the Foreclosure Crisis by Christopher L. Foote, Kristopher S. Gerardi, Paul S. Willen #18082 (EFG)


4.  Networked FDI: Sales and Sourcing Patterns of Japanese Foreign Affiliates by Richard Baldwin, Toshihiro Okubo #18083 (ITI)


5.  Financial Risk Measurement for Financial Risk Management by Torben G. Andersen, Tim Bollerslev, Peter F. Christoffersen, Francis X. Diebold #18084 (AP EFG IFM)


6.  Slow Recoveries: A Structural Interpretation by Jordi Gali, Frank Smets, Rafael Wouters #18085 (EFG ME)


7.  Care or Cash? The Effect of Child Care Subsidies on Student Performance by Sandra E. Black, Paul J. Devereux, Katrine V. Loken, Kjell G. Salvanes #18086 (CH ED LS)


8.  The Heterogeneity of the Cigarette Price Effect on Body Mass Index by George Wehby, Charles J. Courtemanche #18087 (HC HE)


9.  Do Welfare Policies Matter for Labor Market Aggregates?  Quantifying Safety Net Work Incentives since 2007 by Casey B. Mulligan #18088 (EFG PE)


10.  Age-Based Heterogeneity and Pricing Regulation on the Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange by Keith M. Marzilli Ericson, Amanda Starc #18089 (HC)


11.  China and the TPP: A Numerical Simulation Assessment of the Effects Involved by Chunding Li, John Whalley #18090 (IFM)


12.  Catch-up and Fall-back through Innovation and Imitation by Jess Benhabib, Jesse Perla, Christopher Tonetti #18091 (EFG)


13.  Managing Currency Pegs

by Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe, Martin Uribe #18092 (IFM)


14.  Gender Differences in Bargaining Outcomes: A Field Experiment on Discrimination by Marco Castillo, Ragan Petrie, Maximo Torero, Lise Vesterlund #18093 (LS PE)


15.  Disentangling the Channels of the 2007-2009 Recession by James H. Stock, Mark W. Watson #18094 (EFG ME)


16.  Private Returns to Public Office

by Raymond Fisman, Florian Schulz, Vikrant Vig #18095 (CF LE LS PE POL)


17.  Cultural Proximity and Loan Outcomes by Raymond Fisman, Daniel Paravisini, Vikrant Vig #18096 (CF LS)


18.  When did the dollar overtake sterling as the leading international currency? Evidence from the bond markets by Livia Chitu, Barry Eichengreen, Arnaud J. Mehl #18097 (DAE IFM)


19.  Market Design in Cap and Trade Programs: Permit Validity and Compliance Timing by Stephen P. Holland, Michael R. Moore #18098 (EEE)


20.  Chronic Specie Scarcity and Efficient Barter: The Problem of Maintaining an Outside Money Supply in British Colonial America by Farley Grubb #18099 (DAE)

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