Economie: working papers (NBER, 14/05/2012)

Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis

1.  The Impact of the 2009 Federal Tobacco Excise Tax Increase on Youth Tobacco Use by Jidong Huang, Frank J. Chaloupka, IV #18026 (HE)


2.  Macro-Prudential Policy in a Fisherian model of Financial Innovation by Javier Bianchi, Emine Boz, Enrique G. Mendoza #18036 (IFM)


3.  Bubble Thy Neighbor: Portfolio Effects and Externalities from Capital Controls by Kristin Forbes, Marcel Fratzscher, Thomas Kostka, Roland Straub #18052 (CF IFM)


4.  Evidence on the Impact of R&D and ICT Investment on Innovation and Productivity in Italian Firms by Bronwyn H. Hall, Francesca Lotti, Jacques Mairesse #18053 (PR)


5.  The China Syndrome: Local Labor Market Effects of Import Competition in the United States by David H. Autor, David Dorn, Gordon H. Hanson #18054 (IFM LS)


6.  Estimating the Economic Impacts of Living Wage Mandates Using Ex Ante Simulations, Longitudinal Estimates, and New Public and Administrative Data:  Evidence for New York City by David Neumark, Matthew Thompson, Francesco Brindisi, Leslie Koyle, Clayton Reck #18055 (LS)


7.  Estimating Person-Centered Treatment (PeT) Effects Using Instrumental Variables by Anirban Basu #18056 (HC HE TWP)


8.  Country Size, Currency Unions, and International Asset Returns by Tarek Alexander Hassan #18057 (AP IFM ITI)


9.  Nonlinear Adventures at the Zero Lower Bound by Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Grey Gordon, Pablo A. Guerron-Quintana, Juan Rubio-Ramirez #18058 (EFG)


10.  House Price Moments in Boom-Bust Cycles by Todd M. Sinai #18059 (EFG ME PE)


11.  Does Employer-Provided Health Insurance Constrain Labor Supply Adjustments to Health Shocks?  New Evidence on Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer by Cathy J. Bradley, David Neumark, Scott Barkowski #18060 (HE LS)


12.  Comparative Advantage and the Welfare Impact of European Integration by Andrei A. Levchenko, Jing Zhang #18061 (IFM ITI)


13.  Protectionism Isn’t Counterâ?Cyclic (anymore) by Andrew K. Rose #18062 (EFG IFM ITI)


14.  Pseudo-Predictability in Conditional Asset Pricing Tests:  Explaining Anomaly Performance with Politics, the Weather, Global Warming, Sunspots, and the Stars by Robert Novy-Marx #18063 (AP CF)


15.  Identifying Confirmatory Bias in the Field: Evidence from a Poll of Experts by Rodney J. Andrews, Trevon D. Logan, Michael J. Sinkey #18064 (DAE)


16.  Revising Commitments: Field Evidence on the Adjustment of Prior Choices by Xavier Gine, Jessica Goldberg, Dan Silverman, Dean Yang #18065 (LS PE)


17.  The Money Value of a Man

by Mark Huggett, Greg Kaplan #18066 (AP EFG LS)


18.  Foreign Born Scientists:  Mobility Patterns for Sixteen Countries by Chiara Franzoni, Giuseppe Scellato, Paula Stephan #18067 (ED LS PR)


19.  Quantile Treatment Effects of College Quality on Earnings: Evidence from Administrative Data in Texas by Rodney J. Andrews, Jing Li, Michael F. Lovenheim #18068 (ED LS)


20.  Price Discrimination in the Housing Market by Patrick Bayer, Marcus D. Casey, Fernando Ferreira, Robert McMillan #18069 (PE)


21.  Weathering the Storm: Hurricanes and Birth Outcomes by Janet Currie, Maya Rossin-Slater #18070 (CH HC HE)


22.  The Smart Grid, Entry, and Imperfect Competition in Electricity Markets by Hunt Allcott #18071 (EEE)


23.  Monetary Policy, Liquidity, and Growth by Philippe Aghion, Emmanuel Farhi, Enisse Kharroubi #18072 (EFG ME)


24.  Counterfeit or Substandard? The Role of Regulation and Distribution Channel in Drug Safety by Roger Bate, Ginger Zhe Jin, Aparna Mathur #18073 (IO)


25.  Financial Constraints, Endogenous Markups, and Self-fulfilling Equilibria by Jess Benhabib, Pengfei Wang #18074 (EFG)


26.  The Effect of Housing Wealth on College Choice: Evidence from the Housing Boom by Michael F. Lovenheim, C. Lockwood Reynolds #18075 (ED)


27.  Sequential or Simultaneous Elections? A Welfare Analysis by Patrick Hummel, Brian Knight #18076 (PE POL)


28.  Has the U.S. Finance Industry Become Less Efficient?  On the Theory and Measurement of Financial Intermediation by Thomas Philippon #18077 (AP CF EFG PR)


29.  A Markov-Switching Multi-Fractal Inter-Trade Duration Model, with Application to U.S. Equities by Fei Chen, Francis X. Diebold, Frank Schorfheide #18078 (AP)


30.  The Rise and Fall of Unions in the U.S.

by Emin M. Dinlersoz, Jeremy Greenwood #18079 (EFG)

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