Economie: working papers (NBER, 21/11/2011)

Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis

1.  The External Impact of China’s Exchange Rate Policy: Evidence from Firm Level Data by Barry Eichengreen, Hui Tong #17593 (IFM)


2.  Anticipating the Great Depression? Gustav Cassel’s Analysis of the Interwar Gold Standard by Douglas A. Irwin #17597 (DAE IFM ME)


3.  Coping with Shocks and Shifts:

The Multilateral Trading System in Historical Perspective by Douglas A. Irwin, Kevin H. O’Rourke #17598 (ITI)


4.  Should Derivatives be Privileged in Bankruptcy?

by Patrick Bolton, Martin Oehmke #17599 (CF)


5.  The Impact of the Macroeconomy on Health Insurance Coverage: Evidence from the Great Recession by John Cawley, Asako S. Moriya, Kosali I. Simon #17600 (CH EFG HC HE LS PE)


6.  The Role of Information in Competitive Experimentation by Ufuk Akcigit, Qingmin Liu #17602 (HE PR TWP)


7.  Size Inequality, Coordination Externalities and International Trade Agreements by Nuno Limao, Kamal Saggi #17603 (ITI)


8.  Skill Biased Heterogeneous Firms, Trade Liberalization, and the Skill Premium by James Harrigan, Ariell Reshef #17604 (ITI LS)


9.  Skill-biased Technological Change, Earnings of Unskilled Workers, and Crime by Naci H. Mocan, Bulent Unel #17605 (CH HE LE LS)


10.  Contracting With Synergies

by Alex Edmans, Itay Goldstein, John Y. Zhu #17606 (CF LE LS)


11.  Economic History or History of Economics? A Review Essay on Sylvia Nasar’s Grand Pursuit: the Story of Economic Genius by Orley C. Ashenfelter #17607 (EFG LS)


12.  Can Governments Do It Better? Merger Mania and Hospital Outcomes in the English NHS by Martin Gaynor, Mauro Laudicella, Carol Propper #17608 (HC)


13.  Immigrant-Native Substitutability: The Role of Language Ability by Ethan G. Lewis #17609 (LS)


14.  Permanent Income and the Black-White Test Score Gap by Jesse Rothstein, Nathan Wozny #17610 (CH ED)


15.  Hedonic Prices and Implicit Markets: Estimating Marginal Willingness to Pay for Differentiated Products Without Instrumental Variables by Kelly C. Bishop, Christopher Timmins #17611 (EEE PE)

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