Economie: working papers (NBER, 07/11/2011)

Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis

1.  Identifying Demand with Multidimensional Unobservables: A Random Functions Approach by Jeremy T. Fox, Amit Gandhi #17557 (IO TWP)


2.  A Transparency Standard for Derivatives by Viral V. Acharya #17558 (AP CF)


3.  A Sorted Tale of Globalization: White Collar Jobs and the Rise of Service Offshoring by Runjuan Liu, Daniel Trefler #17559 (ITI)


4.  When Bonds Matter: Home Bias in Goods and Assets by Nicolas Coeurdacier, Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas #17560 (AP EFG IFM)


5.  Testing Conditional Factor Models

by Andrew Ang, Dennis Kristensen #17561 (AP)


6.  Fiscal Policy and Unemployment

by Marco Battaglini, Stephen Coate #17562 (EFG PE POL)


7.  The Lucas Orchard

by Ian Martin #17563 (AP EFG IFM)


8.  The Forward Premium Puzzle in a Two-Country World by Ian Martin #17564 (AP EFG IFM)


9.  Ownership Characteristics, Real Exchange Rate Movements and Labor Market Adjustment in China by Risheng Mao, John Whalley #17565 (ITI LS)


10.  Persistent Liquidity Effects and Long Run Money Demand by Fernando E. Alvarez, Francesco Lippi #17566 (AP EFG ME)


11.  The Effect of Liquidity on Governance by Alex Edmans, Vivian W. Fang, Emanuel Zur #17567 (CF LE)


12.  A Model of Private Equity Fund Compensation by Wonho Wilson Choi, Andrew Metrick, Ayako Yasuda #17568 (AP CF)


13.  The Promise and Problems of Pricing Carbon:  Theory and Experience by Joseph E. Aldy, Robert Stavins #17569 (EEE IO LE PE)


14.  The Impact of Immigration on Native Poverty through Labor Market Competition by Giovanni Peri #17570 (LS PE)


15.  The « Austerity Myth »: Gain Without Pain?

by Roberto Perotti #17571 (EFG IFM POL)


16.  Academic Dynasties: Decentralization and Familism in the Italian Academia by Ruben Durante, Giovanna Labartino, Roberto Perotti #17572 (ED PE POL)


17.  Patent Pools and the Direction of Innovation – Evidence from the 19th-century Sewing Machine Industry by Ryan L. Lampe, Petra Moser #17573 (DAE IO PR)


18.  Welfare Costs of Long-Run Temperature Shifts by Ravi Bansal, Marcelo Ochoa #17574 (AP EEE EFG)


19.  Temperature, Aggregate Risk, and Expected Returns by Ravi Bansal, Marcelo Ochoa #17575 (AP EEE EFG)


20.  How Would EU Corporate Tax Reform Affect US Investment in Europe?

by Michael P. Devereux, Simon Loretz #17576 (PE)


21.  The Dynamics of Firm Lobbying

by William R. Kerr, William F. Lincoln, Prachi Mishra #17577 (LE LS PE POL PR)


22.  What U.S. Data Should be Used to Measure the Price Elasticity of Demand for Alcohol?

by Christopher J. Ruhm, Alison Snow Jones, William C. Kerr, Thomas K. Greenfield, Joseph V. Terza, Ravi S. Pandian, Kerry Anne McGeary #17578 (HC HE PE)


23.  Laws and Norms

by Roland Benabou, Jean Tirole #17579 (LE PE)


24.  Socioeconomic Differences in the Impact of Smoking Tobacco and Alcohol Prices on Smoking in India by G. Emmanuel Guindon, Arindam Nandi, Frank J. Chaloupka, IV, Prabhat Jha #17580 (HE)

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