Economie: working papers (NBER, 17/10/2011)

Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis

1.  Knowledge Growth and the Allocation of Time by Robert E. Lucas, Jr., Benjamin Moll #17495 (EFG)


2.  The Wage Effects of Offshoring:  Evidence from Danish Matched Worker-Firm Data by David Hummels, Rasmus Jorgensen, Jakob R. Munch, Chong Xiang #17496 (ITI LS)


3.  Role Reversal in Global Finance

by Eswar S. Prasad #17497 (IFM)


4.  What Role for Trade in a Post 2012 Global Climate Policy Regime by John Whalley #17498 (EEE)


5.  The Design and Implementation of U.S. Climate Policy: An Introduction by Don Fullerton, Catherine Wolfram #17499 (EEE IO PE)


6.  Liquidity and the Threat of Fraudulent Assets by Yiting Li, Guillaume Rocheteau, Pierre-Olivier Weill #17500 (AP EFG ME)


7.  Traded and Nontraded Goods Prices, and International Risk Sharing: an Empirical Investigation.

by Giancarlo Corsetti, Luca Dedola, Francesca Viani #17501 (IFM)


8.  Capital Flows and Economic Growth in the Era of Financial Integration and Crisis, 1990-2010 by Joshua Aizenman, Yothin Jinjarak, Donghyun Park #17502 (ITI)


9.  Copyright Protection, Technological Change, and the Quality of New Products: Evidence from Recorded Music since Napster by Joel Waldfogel #17503 (IO LE)


10.  General Education, Vocational Education, and Labor-Market Outcomes over the Life-Cycle by Eric A. Hanushek, Ludger Woessmann, Lei Zhang #17504 (ED LS PE)


11.  Lifecycle Portfolio Choice with Systematic Longevity Risk and Variable Investment-Linked Deferred Annuities by Vasily Kartashov, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell, Ralph Rogalla #17505 (AG LS PE)


12.  Speculation and Risk Sharing with New Financial Assets by Alp Simsek #17506 (AP CF IFM)


13.  Fathers and Youth’s Delinquent Behavior by Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Erdal Tekin #17507 (CH HE)


14.  The Disappearing Gender Gap: The Impact of Divorce, Wages, and Preferences on Education Choices and Women’s Work by Raquel Fernandez, Joyce Cheng Wong #17508 (ED EFG LS)


15.  What do Boards Really Do? Evidence from Minutes of Board Meetings by Miriam Schwartz-Ziv, Michael Weisbach #17509 (CF LE)


16.  Endogenous Credit Cycles

by Chao Gu, Randall Wright #17510 (EFG)


17.  Buyers, Sellers and Middlemen:  Variations on Search-Theoretic Themes by Yuet-Yee Wong, Randall Wright #17511 (EFG IO)


18.  Innovation and Growth with Financial, and other, Frictions by Jonathan Chiu, Cesaire Meh, Randall Wright #17512 (EFG IO PR)


19.  A Forensic Analysis of Global Imbalances by Menzie D. Chinn, Barry Eichengreen, Hiro Ito #17513 (IFM)


20.  Spatial Determinants of Entrepreneurship in India by Ejaz Ghani, William R. Kerr, Stephen D. O’Connell #17514 (PR)


21.  A Model of Mortgage Default

by John Y. Campbell, Joao F. Cocco #17516 (AP CF ME)


22.  The Real Effects of Hedge Fund Activism: Productivity, Risk, and Product Market Competition by Alon Brav, Wei Jiang, Hyunseob Kim #17517 (CF)

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