Economie: working papers (NBER, 21/06/2011)

Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis

1.  Improving College Performance and Retention the Easy Way: Unpacking the ACT Exam by Eric P. Bettinger, Brent J. Evans, Devin G. Pope #17119 (ED LS)


2.  Global Crises and Equity Market Contagion by Geert Bekaert, Michael Ehrmann, Marcel Fratzscher, Arnaud J. Mehl #17121 (AP IFM)


3.  Local Overweighting and Underperformance: Evidence from Limited Partner Private Equity Investments by Yael V. Hochberg, Joshua D. Rauh #17122 (AP CF)


4.  Irving Fisher and Price-Level Targeting in Austria: Was Silver the Answer?

by Richard C.K. Burdekin, Kris James Mitchener, Marc D. Weidenmier #17123 (DAE ME)


5.  Privacy and Innovation

by Avi Goldfarb, Catherine Tucker #17124 (PR)


6.  Price Setting in a Leading Swiss Online Supermarket by Martin Berka, Michael B. Devereux, Thomas Rudolph #17126 (IFM)


7.  Staggered Boards and the Wealth of Shareholders: Evidence from Two Natural Experiments by Lucian A. Bebchuk, Alma Cohen, Charles C.Y. Wang #17127 (CF LE)


8.  The Financial Crisis and the Well-Being of America by Angus S. Deaton #17128 (AG EFG PE)


9.  Mobile Banking: The Impact of M-Pesa in Kenya by Isaac Mbiti, David N. Weil #17129 (ME)


10.  An Estimation of Economic Models with Recursive Preferences by Xiaohong Chen, Jack Favilukis, Sydney C. Ludvigson #17130 (AP EFG)


11.  Sharing the Burden: Monetary and Fiscal Responses to a World Liquidity Trap by David Cook, Michael B. Devereux #17131 (IFM)


12.  Income, Democracy, and the Cunning of Reason by Daniel Treisman #17132 (POL)


13.  Risk, Monetary Policy and the Exchange Rate by Gianluca Benigno, Pierpaolo Benigno, Salvatore Nistico #17133 (AP EFG IFM ME)


14.  Lifecycle Impacts of the Financial and Economic Crisis on Household Optimal Consumption, Portfolio Choice, and Labor Supply by Jingjing Chai, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell, Ralph Rogalla #17134 (AG LS)


15.  Time for Children: Trends in the Employment Patterns of Parents, 1967-2009 by Liana E. Fox, Wen-Jui Han, Christopher Ruhm, Jane Waldfogel #17135 (CH LS PE)


16.  A Pyrrhic Victory? – Bank Bailouts and Sovereign Credit Risk by Viral V. Acharya, Itamar Drechsler, Philipp Schnabl #17136 (AP CF IFM)


17.  Animal Spirits, Rational Bubbles and Unemployment in an Old-Keynesian Model by Roger Farmer #17137 (EFG)


18.  Disability Programs, Health and Retirement in Denmark since 1960 by Paul Bingley, Nabanita Datta Gupta, Peder J. Pedersen #17138 (AG HE)


19.  Immigration, Jobs and Employment Protection: Evidence from Europe by Francesco D’Amuri, Giovanni Peri #17139 (LS)


20.  Inference for VARs Identified with Sign Restrictions by Hyungsik Roger Moon, Frank Schorfheide, Eleonora Granziera, Mihye Lee #17140 (EFG ME)


21.  Surviving the Global Financial Crisis: Foreign Ownership and Establishment Performance by Laura Alfaro, Maggie Chen #17141 (IFM ITI)


22.  Government Policy, Credit Markets and Economic Activity by Lawrence Christiano, Daisuke Ikeda #17142 (EFG)


23.  Globalization, Structural Change and Productivity Growth by Margaret S. McMillan, Dani Rodrik #17143 (ITI)


24.  Financing Labor

by Efraim Benmelech, Nittai K. Bergman, Amit Seru #17144 (CF EFG LS ME)


25.  Property Taxation, Zoning, and Efficiency: A Dynamic Analysis by Stephen Coate #17145 (PE POL)


26.  Trade Credit Contracts

by Leora F. Klapper, Luc Laeven, Raghuram Rajan #17146 (CF)


27.  Democratic Dividends:  Stockholding, Wealth and Politics in New York, 1791-1826 by Eric Hilt, Jacqueline Valentine #17147 (DAE LE)


28.  Dimensions of Health in the Elderly Population by David M. Cutler, Mary Beth Landrum #17148 (AG HC)


29.  Too-Systemic-To-Fail: What Option Markets Imply About Sector-wide Government Guarantees by Bryan T. Kelly, Hanno Lustig, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh #17149 (AP EFG)


30.  Performance Evaluation of Zero Net-Investment Strategies by Oscar Jorda, Alan M. Taylor #17150 (AP IFM TWP)


31.  A General Equilibrium Model of Sovereign Default and Business Cycles by Enrique G. Mendoza, Vivian Z. Yue #17151 (IFM)


32.  A Functional Filtering and Neighborhood Truncation Approach to Integrated Quarticity Estimation by Torben G. Andersen, Dobrislav Dobrev, Ernst Schaumburg #17152 (AP)


33.  Self Reported Disability and Reference Groups by Arthur van Soest, Tatiana Andreyeva, Arie Kapteyn, James P. Smith #17153 (AG HE)


34.  What does Monetary Policy do to Long-Term Interest Rates at the Zero Lower Bound?

by Jonathan H. Wright #17154 (ME)


35.  Federal Aid and Equality of Educational Opportunity: Evidence from the Introduction of Title I in the South by Elizabeth U. Cascio, Nora E. Gordon, Sarah J. Reber #17155 (CH DAE ED PE)


36.  Studying Discrimination: Fundamental Challenges and Recent Progress by Kerwin Charles, Jonathan Guryan #17156 (LS)

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