Economie: working papers (NBER, 30/05/2011)

Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis

1.  History, Expectations, and Leadership in the Evolution of Cooperation by Daron Acemoglu, Matthew O. Jackson #17066 (POL)


2.  Disability, Pension Reform and Early Retirement in Germany by Axel H. Boersch-Supan, Hendrik Juerges #17079 (AG LS)


3.  The Economics of Risky Health Behaviors by John Cawley, Christopher Ruhm #17081 (CH ED HC HE LE LS PE)


4.  Funding in Public Sector Pension Plans – International Evidence by Eduard Ponds, Clara Severinson, Juan Yermo #17082 (PE)


5.  Optimal Policy Instruments for Externality-Producing Durable Goods Under Time Inconsistency by Garth Heutel #17083 (EEE PE)


6.  Unemployment in an Estimated New Keynesian Model by Jordi Gali, Frank Smets, Rafael Wouters #17084 (EFG ME)


7.  The Long-Run Impacts of Early Childhood Education: Evidence From a Failed Policy Experiment by Philip DeCicca, Justin D. Smith #17085 (ED)


8.  Intermittency and the Value of Renewable Energy by Gautam Gowrisankaran, Stanley S. Reynolds, Mario Samano #17086 (EEE IO PR)


9.  Distributional Impacts of Carbon Pricing: A General Equilibrium Approach with Micro-Data for Households by Sebastian Rausch, Gilbert E. Metcalf, John M. Reilly #17087 (EEE PE)


10.  Peer Effects and Multiple Equilibria in the Risky Behavior of Friends by David Card, Laura Giuliano #17088 (CH LS)


11.  Is Gifted Education a Bright Idea? Assessing the Impact of Gifted and Talented Programs on Achievement by Sa A. Bui, Steven G. Craig, Scott A. Imberman #17089 (CH ED LS PE)


12.  Macroeconomic Regimes

by Lieven Baele, Geert Bekaert, Seonghoon Cho, Koen Inghelbrecht, Antonio Moreno #17090 (AP  ME IFM)


13.  Poultry in Motion:

A Study of International Trade Finance Practices by Pol Antras, C. Fritz Foley #17091 (CF ITI)


14.  Incorporating Climate Uncertainty into Estimates of Climate Change Impacts, with Applications to U.S. and African Agriculture by Marshall Burke, John Dykema, David Lobell, Edward Miguel, Shanker Satyanath #17092 (EEE)


15.  How Responsive is Investment in Schooling to Changes in Returns? Evidence from an Unusual Pay Reform in Israel’s Kibbutzim by Ran Abramitzky, Victor Lavy #17093 (CH DAE ED LS PE)


16.  Life and Growth

by Charles I. Jones #17094 (EFG HE PR)


17.  Empirical Implementation of Nonparametric First-Price Auction Models by Daniel J. Henderson, John A. List, Daniel L. Millimet, Christopher F. Parmeter, Michael K. Price #17095 (EEE IO)


18.  Childhood Health and Differences in Late-Life Health Outcomes Between England and the United States by James Banks, Zoe Oldfield, James P. Smith #17096 (AG HE)


19.  Racial Differences in Inequality Aversion: Evidence from Real World Respondents in the Ultimatum Game by John D. Griffin, David Nickerson, Abigail K. Wozniak #17097 (LS)


20.  On the Origins of Gender Roles: Women and the Plough by Alberto F. Alesina, Paola Giuliano, Nathan Nunn #17098 (CH DAE EFG LS POL)


21.  Do Majority Black Districts Limit Blacks’ Representation? The Case of the 1990 Redistricting by Ebonya L. Washington #17099 (LE POL)


22.  International Business Travel: An Engine of Innovation?

by Nune Hovhannisyan, Wolfgang Keller #17100 (EFG ITI LS PR)

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