Economie: working papers (NBER, 10/09/2011)

Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis

1.  Should Central Banks Raise their Inflation Targets? Some Relevant Issues by Bennett T. McCallum #17005 (EFG ME)

2.  Durable Financial Regulation: Monitoring Financial Instruments as a Counterpart to Regulating Financial Institutions by Leonard Nakamura #17006 (PE)

3.  Continuous Workout Mortgages

by Robert J. Shiller, Rafal M. Wojakowski, M. Shahid Ebrahim, Mark B. Shackleton #17007 (AP)

4.  Sustainability and its Measurement

by Geoffrey Heal #17008 (EEE PE)

5.  Estimates of Crowd-Out from a Public Health Insurance Expansion Using Administrative Data by Laura Dague, Thomas DeLeire, Donna Friedsam, Daphne Kuo, Lindsey Leininger, Sarah Meier, Kristen Voskuil #17009 (HE)

6.  Legal Investor Protection and Takeovers by Mike Burkart, Denis Gromb, Holger M. Mueller, Fausto Panunzi #17010 (CF)

7.  Can Medical Progress be Sustained?  Implications of the Link Between Development and Output Markets by Anup Malani, Tomas J. Philipson #17011 (HC HE)

8.  Reshaping Institutions: Evidence on External Aid and Local Collective Action by Katherine Casey, Rachel Glennerster, Edward Miguel #17012 (LE PE POL)

9.  Managing Self-Confidence: Theory and Experimental Evidence by Markus M. Mobius, Muriel Niederle, Paul Niehaus, Tanya S. Rosenblat #17014 (LS)

10.  A Matter of Trust: Understanding Worldwide Public Pension Conversions by Kent Smetters, Walter E. Theseira #17015 (AG PE POL)

11.  Socioeconomic Status in Childhood and Health After Age 70: A New Longitudinal Analysis for the U.S., 1895-2005 by Joseph P. Ferrie, Karen Rolf #17016 (CH DAE LS)

12.  Public Goods Agreements with Other-Regarding Preferences by Charles D. Kolstad #17017 (EEE PE)

13.  Framing Effects and Expected Social Security Claiming Behavior by Jeffrey R. Brown, Arie Kapteyn, Olivia S. Mitchell #17018 (AG PE)

14.  The Value of Secure Property Rights: Evidence from Global Fisheries by Corbett A. Grainger, Christopher Costello #17019 (EEE)

15.  Remembering to Pay? Reminders vs. Financial Incentives for Loan Payments by Ximena Cadena, Antoinette Schoar #17020 (IO)

16.  Credit Spreads and Business Cycle Fluctuations by Simon Gilchrist, Egon Zakrajsek #17021 (AP EFG ME)

17.  The Quantification of Systemic Risk and Stability: New Methods and Measures by Romney B. Duffey #17022 (PR)

18.  The Role of Skill Versus Luck in Poker: Evidence from the World Series of Poker by Steven D. Levitt, Thomas J. Miles #17023 (LE)

19.  Historical Evidence on the Finance-Trade-Growth Nexus by Michael D. Bordo, Peter L. Rousseau #17024 (DAE IFM ME)

20.  Optimal Portfolio Choice with Wage-Indexed Social Security by Jialun Li, Kent Smetters #17025 (AG AP PE)

21.  Credit Risk and Disaster Risk

by Francois Gourio #17026 (AP CF EFG ME)

22.  The Social Cost of Near-Rational Investment by Tarek A. Hassan, Thomas M. Mertens #17027 (AP EFG)

23.  Limited and Varying Consumer Attention: Evidence from Shocks to the Salience of Bank Overdraft Fees by Victor Stango, Jonathan Zinman #17028 (LE)

24.  Heuristic Thinking and Limited Attention in the Car Market by Nicola Lacetera, Devin G. Pope, Justin R. Sydnor #17030 (IO PR)

25.  Individual Preferences, Organization, and Competition in a Model of R&D Incentive Provision by Nicola Lacetera, Lorenzo Zirulia #17031 (PR)

26.  The Hired Gun Mechanism

by James Andreoni, Laura K. Gee #17032 (PE)

27.  Gun For Hire: Does Delegated Enforcement Crowd out Peer Punishment in Giving to Public Goods?

by James Andreoni, Laura K. Gee #17033 (PE)

28.  Are the Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks Big or Small?

by Olivier Coibion #17034 (EFG ME)

29.  Optimal Taxation with Rent-Seeking

by Casey Rothschild, Florian Scheuer #17035 (PE)

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