Economie européenne: working papers (RePEc, 13/04/2011)

Source : NEP (New Economics Papers) | RePEc

  • Transmission of the Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises to the EMU: Stock Prices, CDS Spreads and Exchange Rates
Date: 2011-03
By: Theoharry Grammatikos
Robert Vermeulen
Keywords: financial crisis; euro exchange rate; EMU; equity markets; sovereign debt
JEL: F31
  • Trading Directions and the Pricing of Euro Interbank Deposits in the Long Run
Date: 2011-03
By: Massimiliano Marzo (Department of Economics, Università di Bologna)
Paolo Zagaglia (Department of Economics, Università di Bologna)
Keywords: Euro money market, order flow, interest rates
JEL: G14
  • Macroeconomic Aspects of European Integration: Fiscal Policy, Trade Integration and the European Business Cycle
Date: 2011-03
By: Jesús Crespo-Cuaresma
Michael Pfaffermayr
Octavio Fernández Amador
Catherine Keppel
Keywords: Monetary union, business cycles, synchronization, trade integration, fiscal policy
JEL: E32
  • Forecasting Long-Term Interest Rates with a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of the Euro Area: The Role of the Feedback
Date: 2011-03
By: Paolo Zagaglia (Department of Economics, University of Bologna)
Keywords: Yield curve, general equilibrium models, Bayesian estimation, forecasting
JEL: E43
  • The real effects of financial stress in the Euro zone
Date: 2011
By: Sushanta K. Mallick (Queen Mary University of London)
Ricardo M. Sousa (Universidade do Minho – NIPE)
Keywords: monetary policy, financial stress, Bayesian Structural VAR, Sign-Restrictions, Euro-zone.
JEL: E37
  • Tail Behaviour of the Euro
Date: 2011-03
By: John Cotter
  • « Can Portugal Escape Stagnation without Opting Out from the Eurozone? »
Date: 2011-03
By: Pedro Leao
Alfonso Palacio-Vera
Keywords: Nominal Wage Cuts; Eurozone; Relative Unit Labor Costs; Zero-sum Game
JEL: E32
  • Regional Growth in Europe: The Role of European and National Policies
Date: 2011
By: Fernanda Llussa
Jose Mario Lopes
Keywords: National Policies, European Union Policies, regional growth
  • Portugal and Spain: catching up and falling behind. A comparative analysis of productivity trends and their causes, 1980-2007
Date: 2011-03
By: Ester Gomes da Silva (Faculdade de Letras/ISFLUP, CEF.UP, Universidade do Porto)
Keywords: Productivity, Economic growth, Structural change, Technology
JEL: O47
  • Fiscal developments and financial stress: a threshold VAR analysis
Date: 2011-03
By: António Afonso
Jaromír Baxa
Michal Slavík
Keywords: fiscal policy, financial markets, threshold VAR.
JEL: E62
  • Effects of discretionary fiscal policy: new empirical evidence for Germany
Date: 2011-03
By: Bank, Alexander
Keywords: Discretionary fiscal policy, Germany, structural vector autoregression
JEL: C32
  • Austrian Linkages to the European Economy and the Transmission Mechanisms of Economic Crisis
Date: 2011-04
By: Joseph Francois
Mario Holzner
Olga Pindyuk
Keywords: economic crisis, transmission mechanisms, Austria, Europe, CGE
JEL: F14

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