Economie: working papers (NBER, 31/03/2011)

Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis

1.  Workday, Holiday and Calendar Adjustment with 21st Century Data: Monthly Aggregates from Daily Diesel Fuel Purchases by Edward E. Leamer #16897 (TWP)


2.  The Short of It: Investor Sentiment and Anomalies by Robert F. Stambaugh, Jianfeng Yu, Yu Yuan #16898 (AP)


3.  Sovereign Default Risk and Bank Fragility in Financially Integrated Economies by Patrick Bolton, Olivier Jeanne #16899 (CF IFM PE)


4.  Economics of Individualization in Comparative Effectiveness Research and a Basis for a Patient-Centered Health Care by Anirban Basu #16900 (HC HE)


5.  HIV Status and Labor Market Participation in South Africa by James A. Levinsohn, Zoe McLaren, Olive Shisana, Khangelani Zuma #16901 (HE LS)


6.  Discussion Sessions Coupled with Microfinancing May Enhance the Role of Women in Household Decision-Making in Burundi by Radha Iyengar, Giulia Ferrari #16902 (LS)


7.  Inflation-Indexed Bonds and the Expectations Hypothesis by Carolin E. Pflueger, Luis M. Viceira #16903 (AP ME)


8.  Factor Prices and International Trade: A Unifying Perspective by Ariel Burstein, Jonathan Vogel #16904 (EFG IFM ITI)


9.  Firm Exports and Multinational Activity Under Credit Constraints by Kalina Manova, Shang-Jin Wei, Zhiwei Zhang #16905 (IFM ITI)


10.  Generalized Transform Analysis of Affine Processes and Applications in Finance by Hui Chen, Scott Joslin #16906 (AP)


11.  The Promise of Beijing: Evaluating the Impact of the 2008 Olympic Games on Air Quality by Yuyu Chen, Ginger Zhe Jin, Naresh Kumar, Guang Shi #16907 (IO)


12.  Does Market Experience Eliminate Market Anomalies? The Case of Exogenous Market Experience by John A. List #16908 (EEE PE)


13.  Physician Response to Pay-for-Performance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment by Jinhu Li, Jeremiah Hurley, Philip DeCicca, Gioia Buckley #16909 (HC HE)


14.  The Great Inflation: Did the Shadow Know Better?

by William Poole, Robert H. Rasche, David C. Wheelock #16910 (ME)


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