Economie/Europe: working papers (RePEc, 24/03/2011)

Source : NEP (New Economics Papers) | RePEc

  • Monetary Union Stability: The Need for a Government Banker and the Case for a European Public Finance Authority
Date: 2011
By: Thomas I. Palley (New America Foundation, Washington DC)
Keywords: monetary union, stability, government banker, euro.
  • How do inflation expectations form? New insights from a high-frequency survey
Date: 2011-03
By: Gabriele Galati
Peter Heemeijer
Richhild Moessner
Keywords: Inflation expectations; monetary policy; crisis
JEL: E31
  • Volatility and correlations for stock markets in the emerging economies
Date: 2010-06
By: David E Allen (School of Accounting Finance & Economics, Edith Cowan University)
Anna Golab (School of Accounting Finance & Economics, Edith Cowan University)
Robert Powell (School of Accounting Finance & Economics, Edith Cowan University)
Keywords: Emerging Markets; European Union; Portfolio investment
  • Testing for East-West contagion in the European banking sector during the financial crisis
Date: 2011-02
By: Emidio Cocozza (Bank of Italy)
Paolo Piselli (Bank of Italy)
Keywords: Banking contagion, Distance to default, Testing hypothesis, Logit model
JEL: C12
  • The role of monetary policy in managing the euro – dollar exchange rate
Date: 2011-03-01
By: Mylonidis, Nikolaos
Stamopoulou, Ioanna
Keywords: Exchange rates; Monetary model; Cointegration; Impulse response functions
JEL: E52
  • Price dispersion in Europe: Does the business cycle matter?
Date: 2011-03
By: Marco Hoeberichts
Ad Stokman
Keywords: economic integration; price level convergence; Law of One Price; EMU; business cycle
JEL: E31
  • Income insurance and the determinants of income insurance via foreign asset revenues and foreign liability payments
Date: 2011-02-13
By: Balli, Faruk
Basher, Syed Abul
Ozer-Balli, Hatice
Keywords: Factor income flows; Consumption smoothing; Income smoothing; International portfolio diversification.
JEL: F36
  • Testing for Parameter Stability in DSGE Models. The Cases of France, Germany and Spain
Date: 2011-03-07
By: Jerger, Jürgen
Röhe, Oke
Keywords: DSGE; EMU; Monetary Policy; Structural Breaks
JEL: E31
  • Defence Spending and Economic Growth in the EU15
Date: 2011-03
By: J Paul Dunne (University of the West of England and University of Cape Town)
Eftychia Nikolaidou (CITY College, Thessaloniki, Greece)
Keywords: Defence Spending, Economic Growth, Panel data, time series, EU15
JEL: H56
  • Vulnerability and Bargaining Power in EU-Russia Gas Relations
Date: 2011-03
By: Edward Hunter Christie
Pavel K. Bev
Volodymyr Golovko
Keywords: Natural gas, security of supply, supply disruption, interconnector, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, European Union, energy policy, fragmentation, bargaining power, countervailing power, gas purchasing agency
JEL: C78

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