Anthropologie: une revue et des documents de travail

(source: Savage Minds, 15/03/2011)

  • Anthropologies
    This goal of this site is to explore contemporary anthropology through essays, short articles, and opinion pieces written from diverse perspectives.  There is no single way to define the field, hence « anthropologies. »  By presenting various viewpoints and positions, this site seeks to highlight not only what anthropology means to those who practice it, but also how those meanings are relevant to wider audiences.
  • Working Papers (Open Anthropology Cooperative Press)
    The OAC Press launches the Working Papers Series to promote intellectual exchange within and outside the universities. We hope to bring what anthropologists have to say to the attention of the general public and invite everyone to take part in our debates. Each paper published will be linked to an open discussion thread in the OAC network. We will select work in progress that offers readers timely and relevant ideas and authors feedback for revision. The papers will be presented here in various formats and at several stages of their evolution. We place no restriction on publication elsewhere. The point is to refresh an ongoing conversation about anthropology and the world we live in.

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