Théorie des jeux: working papers (RePEc, 09/02/2011)

Source : NEP (New Economics Papers) | RePEc

  • Strategies and interactive beliefs in dynamic games
Date: 2011
By: Pierpaolo Battigalli
Alfredo Di Tillio
Dov Samet
  • Information Aggregation and Adverse Selection
Date: 2011-01-20
By: Aristotelis Boukouras (Georg-August-University Göttingen)
Kostas Koufopoulos (University of Warwick)
Keywords: adverse selection; anonymity; first-best allocations; full implementation; information aggregation; mechanism design; single-crossing property; Pareto correspondence
JEL: D71
  • Affective decision making: a theory of optimism bias
Date: 2010
By: Anat Bracha
Donald J. Brown
Keywords: Insurance
  • Myopic or farsighted : bilateral trade agreements among three symmetric countries
Date: 2011-01
By: Tsubota, Kenmei
Kawasaki, Yujiro
Keywords: International trade, International agreements, Trade policy, Endogenous network formation, Bilateral trade agreement, Myopic and farsighted behavior
JEL: F14
  • Stochastic games with endogenous transitions
Date: 2010-11-25
By: Reinoud Joosten
Robin Meijboom
Keywords: Stochastic games, endogenous transitions, limiting average rewards, equilibria, common pool resource dilemma Length 29 pages
JEL: C72
  • A Simple Bargaining Procedure for the Myerson Value
Date: 2010-11-15
By: Noemí Navarro (Departement d’Économique et GREDI, Université de Sherbrooke)
Andrés Perea (Department of Quantitative Economics, Maastricht University)
Keywords: Myerson value, networks, bargaining, cooperation
JEL: C71
  • Bargaining and Reputation in Search Markets
Date: 2010-01
By: Alp Atakan
Mehmet Ekmekci
Keywords: Bargaining, Reputation, Search, Dynamic Matching, War-of-Attrition. JEL Classification Numbers: C78, D83
  • Voting Rules in Bargaining with Costly Persistent Recognition
Date: 2011-01
By: Nicolas Quérou
Raphael Soubeyran
  • Communication Equilibria and Bounded Rationality
Date: 2010
By: Nikhil Vellodi (University of Warwick)
  • Transparent Restrictions on Beliefs and Forward Induction Reasoning in Games with Asymmetric Information
Date: 2011
By: Pierpaolo Battigalli
Andrea Prestipino
  • How to negotiate with Coase?
Date: 2011
By: Jean-Christophe PEREAU (GREThA, UMR CNRS 5113)
Sébastien ROUILLON (GREThA, UMR CNRS 5113)
Keywords: Coase theorem, delegation, non cooperative bargaining, property rights, sequential negotiation, simultaneous negotiation
JEL: C78
  • Dynamic Collective Choice with Endogenous Status Quo
Date: 2010-10-26
By: Wioletta Dziuda
Antoine Loeper
Keywords: Dynamic voting, endogenous status quo, supermajority, partisanship, polarization, policy inertia, sunset provision JEL Classification Numbers: C73, D72, D78
  • Medieval matching markets
Date: 2010
By: Börner, Lars
Quint, Daniel
Keywords: preindustrial markets,market microstructure,efficient matching
  • On the Utility Representation of Asymmetric Single-Peaked Preferences
Date: 2011-01
By: Francisco Martínez-Mora
M. Socorro Puy
  • Voluntary Contribution in the Field: An Experiment in the Indian Himalayas
Date: 2011
By: Sujoy Chakravarty
Carine Sebi
E. Somanathan
E. Theophilus
Keywords: communication, participants, VCM, economics, public goods problems, INDIAN HIMALAYAS, villagers, resource, gori-ganga, social sciences
  • Awareness-Dependent Subjective Expected Utility
Date: 2010-12
By: Burkhard, Schipper (University of California Davis)
JEL: C70

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