Marketing: working papers (RePEc, 01/02/2011)

Source : NEP (New Economics Papers) | RePEc

  • Consumer preferences and demand for livestock products in urban Bangladesh
Date: 2010
By: Islam, S.M. Fakhrul
Jabbar, Mohammad A.
Keywords: demand, quality, safety, livestock products, Bangladesh, Consumer/Household Economics, Livestock Production/Industries,
  • Concentration and self-censorship in commercial media
Date: 2010-12
By: Fabrizio Germano
Martin Meier
Keywords: Media economics; media consolidation; media markets; advertising and commercial media bias JEL Classification Numbers: L13; L82
  • Should they stay or should they go? Reactivation and Termination of Low-Tier Customers: Effects on Satisfaction, Word-of-Mouth, and Purchases
Date: 2010
By: Bijmolt, Tammo H.A.
Blömeke, Eva
Clement, Michel (Groningen University)
  • Reports of Water Quality Violations induce Consumers to buy Bottled Water
Date: 2011-01
By: Seo, Misuk
Pape, Andreas Duus
Keywords: Water Quality Reports; Environmental Information; Consumer Response to Information; Bottled Water Expenditure; Consumer Expenditure Survey
JEL: D12
  • Generating Global Brand Equity through Corporate Social Responsibility to Key Stakeholders
Date: 2010
By: Bijmolt, Tammo H.A.
Atribo, Jo
Torres Lacomba, Anna (Groningen University)
  • Strategic Advertising for Entry Deterrence Purposes
Date: 2011-01-18
By: COCCORESE, Paolo (CELPE (Centre of Labour Economics and Economic Policy), University of Salerno, Italy)
Keywords: market structure; advertising
JEL: L10

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