Gestion des connaissances: working papers (RePEc, 26/01/2011)

Source : NEP (New Economics Papers) | RePEc

  • Organizational Innovation and Knowledge Use Practice: Cross-Country Comparison
Date: 2011-01
By: Makó, Csaba
Csizmadia, Péter
Illéssy, Miklós
Iwasaki, Ichiro
Szanyi, Miklós
  • Understanding Knowledge Sharing In Organizations: Further Questions Of Research Through A Social Cognitive Perspective
Date: 2011-01-11
By: Llopis-Corcoles, Oscar
Keywords: Knowledge management; knowledge sharing; multilevel model; social cognitive theory
JEL: M12
  • The organisational decomposition of innovation and territorial knowledge dynamics – insights from the German software industry
Date: 2010-12
By: Simone Strambach (Department of Geography, Philipps University Marburg)
Benjamin Klement (Department of Geography, Philipps University Marburg)
Keywords: ODIP, innovation, software, territorial knowledge dynamics
JEL: D83
  • Culture and diversity in knowledge creation
Date: 2011-01-09
By: Berliant, Marcus
Fujita, Masahisa
Keywords: knowledge creation; knowledge diversity; ideas and culture
  • Social networks and innovation (handicraft industry in Bantul, Yogyakarta)
Date: 2011-01
By: Aloysius Gunadi, Brata
Keywords: social network; innovation; handicraft industry
JEL: O17
  • International co-operation between firms on innovation and R&D: empirical evidence from Argentine and Spain
Date: 2010-12-13
By: Edwards, Mónica
Castro- Martinez, Elena
Fernández-de-Lucio, Ignacio
Keywords: innovation, R&D; international cooperation; cooperation types; barriers; government funding programmes

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