Microéconomie: working papers (RePEc, 13/12/2010)

Source : NEP (New Economics Papers) | RePEc

  • House Prices and School Quality: The Impact of Score and Non-score Components of Contextual Value-Added
Date: 2010-07
By: Sofia Andreou
Panos Pashardes
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:ucy:cypeua:05-2010&r=mic
Keywords: School quality, hedonic regression, house prices
  • A Multi-Level Choice Theory
Date: 2010-12
By: Raul V. Fabella (School of Economics, University of the Philippines Diliman)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:phs:dpaper:201012&r=mic
  • Leviathan as a Minority Shareholder: A Study of Equity Purchases by the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES), 1995-2003
Date: 2010-10
By: Lazzarini, Sergio G.
Musacchio, Aldo
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:ibm:ibmecp:wpe_218&r=mic
  • Who leads Research Productivity Change? Guidelines for R&D policy makers
Date: 2010-10-30
By: Jiménez-Sáez, Fernando (INGENIO (CSIC-UPV), Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Management, Univ. Polytechnic of Valencia)
Zabala, Jon Mikel (CIRCLE, Lund University)
Zofío, José L. (Department of Economic Analysis, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:hhs:lucirc:2010_010&r=mic
Keywords: Innovation Policy; Management; Productivity Change; Malmquist Index; Distance Function
JEL: C43
  • The Effect of Conditional Cash Transfers on Educational Opportunities – Experimental Evidence from Latin America
Date: 2010-12
By: Andrés Ham (Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS) – FCE – UNLP y CONICET)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:dls:wpaper:0109&r=mic
Keywords: poverty, opportunities, education, children, impact evaluation, conditional cash transfers
JEL: D30
  • Does relative income matter for the very poor? – Evidence from rural Ethiopia
Date: 2010-12-02
By: Akay, Alpaslan (IZA (Institute for the Study of Labor), 53113, Bonn, Germany)
Martinsson, Peter (Department of Economics, School of Business, Economics and Law, Göteborg University)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:hhs:gunwpe:0475&r=mic
Keywords: Absolute income; relative income; subjective well-being
JEL: D10
  • Teams of Rivals: Endogenous Markups in a Ricardian World
Date: 2010-12
By: Beatriz de Blas
Katheryn Russ
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:nbr:nberwo:16587&r=mic
  • Tacit Lobbying Agreements: An Experimental Study
Date: 2010-11
By: Großer, Jens (Florida State University)
Reuben, Ernesto (Columbia University)
Tymula, Agnieszka (New York University)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:iza:izadps:dp5332&r=mic
Keywords: lobbying, redistribution, elections, bargaining, collusion
JEL: D72
  • Do Terms-of-Trade Effects Matter for Trade Agreements? Evidence from WTO Countries
Date: 2010-07-31
By: Rodney D. Ludema (Georgetown University)
Anna Maria Mayda (Georgetown University, CEPR and Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:csl:devewp:293&r=mic
  • Does Inequality lead to Conflict?
Date: 2010
By: Indranil Dutta
Ajit Mishra
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:ess:wpaper:id:3246&r=mic
Keywords: conflict, wealth inequality, Nash bargaining
  • Words speak louder than actions: The impact of politics on economic performance
Date: 2010
By: Osterloh, Steffen
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:zbw:zewdip:10092&r=mic
Keywords: economic growth,political economy,ideology,panel data,model averaging
JEL: O40
  • The political cost of reforms
Date: 2010-01
By: Alessandra Bonfiglioli
Gino Gancia
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:upf:upfgen:1250&r=mic
Keywords: Elections, Reforms, Asymmetric Information, Uncertainty.
  • Does Labor Diversity Affect Firm Productivity?
Date: 2010-12-01
By: Parrotta, Pierpaolo (Department of Economics, Aarhus School of Business)
Pozzoli, Dario (Department of Economics, Aarhus School of Business)
Pytlikova, Mariola (Department of Economics, Aarhus School of Business)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:hhs:aareco:2010_012&r=mic
Keywords: Labor diversity; skill complementarities; communication barriers; total factor productivity
JEL: C23
  • A Closer Look at the World Business Cycle Synchronization
Date: 2010-09
By: Pedro André Cerqueira (GEMF/Faculdade de Economia, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:gmf:wpaper:2010-21&r=mic
Keywords: Globalization, Business cycle synchronization, Convergence.
JEL: C33
  • Competitive Problem Solving and the Optimal Prize Schemes
Date: 2010-12-02
By: Toru Suzuki (Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:jrp:jrpwrp:2010-083&r=mic
Keywords: Optimal prize scheme, Risk taking, Problem solving
JEL: D82
  • Social entrepreneurship: Taking stock and looking ahead
Date: 2010-11-03
By: Mair, Johanna (IESE Business School)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:ebg:iesewp:d-0888&r=mic
Keywords: social entrepreneurship; institutions; capitalism;
  • « Pricing and Investments in Matching Markets »,Second Version
Date: 2010-01-26
By: George J. Mailath (Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania)
Andrew Postlewaite (Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania)
Larry Samuelson (Department of Economics, Yale University)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:pen:papers:10-037&r=mic
Keywords: Directed search, matching, premuneration value, prematch investments, search
JEL: C78
  • Entry Threats, and Inefficiency in ‘Efficient Bargaining’
Date: 2010
By: Rupayan Pal
Bibhas Saha (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:eab:laborw:2362&r=mic
Keywords: Efficient Bargaining, Entry Threat, Signalling, Inefficiency
JEL: J51
  • Price-Based Combinatorial Auction Design: Representative Valuations
Date: 2010-11
By: Hitoshi Matsushima (Department of Economics, University of Tokyo)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:kyo:wpaper:742&r=mic
Keywords: Combinatorial Auctions, Price-Based Mechanisms, VCG Mechanisms, Connectedness, Representative Valuation Functions
JEL: D44
  • Fiscal Policy and Economic Stability:Does PIGS stand for Procyclicality In Government.
Date: 2010-12-02
By: Peter Claeys (Universitat de Barcelona,)
Alessandro Maravalle (University of the Basque Country,)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:ehu:dfaeii:201011&r=mic
Keywords: RBC, current account, small open economy, fiscal rule, spending
JEL: E32

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