Economie: working papers (NBER, 13/12/2010)

(Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis)

1.  Capital Taxation During the U.S. Great Depression by Ellen R. McGrattan #16588 (EFG)


2.  The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08: Is it Unprecedented?

by Michael D. Bordo, John S. Landon-Lane #16589 (DAE ME)


3.  Are all Credit Default Swap Databases Equal?

by Sergio Mayordomo, Juan Ignacio Penya, Eduardo S. Schwartz #16590 (AP)


4.  Does Stock Ownership Breadth Measure Hidden Negative Information or Sentiment?

by James J. Choi, Li Jin, Hongjun Yan #16591 (AP)


5.  The Contribution of Human Capital to China’s Economic Growth by John Whalley, Xiliang Zhao #16592 (EFG)


6.  Accounting for Anticipation Effects: An Application to Medical Malpractice Tort Reform by Anup Malani, Julian Reif #16593 (HC HE)


7.  Health Shocks and Natural Resource Management:  Evidence from Western Kenya by Joshua Graff Zivin, Maria Damon, Harsha Thirumurthy #16594 (EEE HE)


8.  Local Versus Aggregate Lending Channels: The Effects Of Securitization On Corporate Credit Supply In Spain by Gabriel Jimenez, Atif R. Mian, Jose-Luis Peydro, Jesus Saurina #16595 (CF ME)


9.  Baby Busts and Baby Booms: The Fertility Response to Shocks in Dynastic Models by Larry E. Jones, Alice Schoonbroodt #16596 (EFG)


10.  African Export Successes: Surprises, Stylized Facts, and Explanations by William Easterly, Ariell Reshef #16597 (POL)


11.  Sustainability and the Measurement of Wealth by Kenneth J. Arrow, Partha Dasgupta, Lawrence H. Goulder, Kevin J. Mumford, Kirsten Oleson #16599 (EEE EFG)


12.  Unilateral Tariff Liberalisation

by Richard Baldwin #16600 (ITI)


13.  Betting Against Beta

by Andrea Frazzini, Lasse H. Pedersen #16601 (AP)


14.  Patient Knowledge and Antibiotic Abuse:

Evidence from an Audit Study in China

by Janet Currie, Wanchuan Lin, Wei Zhang #16602 (HC HE PE)


15.  Aftershocks: The Impact of Clinic Violence on Abortion Services by Mireille Jacobson, Heather Royer #16603 (CH HC HE)

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