[SOCIO] Pour un meilleur équilibre hommes-femmes dans la recherche scientifique

Talent at stake: On gender-sensitive leadership

(source: Research Council of Norway, nov. 2010)

Norway has one of the highest percentages of women in Europe who are pursuing studies at higher education institutions, including at the doctoral level. This means that the Norwegian academic community has a huge recruitment potential. Unfortunately, these encouraging student numbers are not reflected in the percentage of female professors and researchers. This is a challenge that we share with countries all over the world. […]

Gender equality entails structural and cultural challenges. Leaders have a responsibility to incorporate gender perspectives into their strategic efforts, especially with regard to recruitment. We must facilitate organisational, cultural and professional change that incorporates the gender dimension. It is vitally important to understand the interdependence between research quality and gender equality if we are to recruit the most skilled researchers. […]

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