Economie: working papers (NBER, 22/11/2010)

(Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis)

1.  What Hinders Investment in the Aftermath of Financial Crises: Insolvent Firms or Illiquid Banks?

by Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Herman Kamil, Carolina Villegas-Sanchez #16528 (EFG IFM ITI)


2.  Accelerating Energy Innovation: Insights from Multiple Sectors by Rebecca Henderson, Richard G. Newell #16529 (EEE PR)


3.  Of Candidates and Character

by B. Douglas Bernheim, Navin Kartik #16530 (PE POL)


4.  Does Home Owning Smooth the Variability of Future Housing Consumption?

by Andrew Paciorek, Todd M. Sinai #16531 (AP EFG PE)


5.  Estimating Turning Points Using Large Data Sets by James H. Stock, Mark W. Watson #16532 (EFG ME)


6.  The Contribution of the Minimum Wage to U.S. Wage Inequality over Three Decades: A Reassessment by David H. Autor, Alan Manning, Christopher L. Smith #16533 (LS)


7.  What Does Equity Sector Orderflow Tell Us about the Economy?

by Alessandro Beber, Michael W. Brandt, Kenneth A. Kavajecz #16534 (AP)


8.  Looking for Local Labor Market Effects of NAFTA by John McLaren, Shushanik Hakobyan #16535 (ITI)


9.  Interstate Migration Has Fallen Less Than You Think: Consequences of Hot Deck Imputation in the Current Population Survey by Greg Kaplan, Sam Schulhofer-Wohl #16536 (EFG LS)


10.  Information Rigidity and the Expectations Formation Process: A Simple Framework and New Facts by Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko #16537 (EFG IFM ME)


11.  How Do Energy Prices, and Labor and Environmental Regulations Affect Local Manufacturing Employment Dynamics? A Regression Discontinuity Approach by Matthew E. Kahn, Erin T. Mansur #16538 (EEE IO)


12.  De facto Fiscal Space and Fiscal Stimulus: Definition and Assessment by Joshua Aizenman, Yothin Jinjarak #16539 (ITI)


13.  Analyzing Compensation Methods in Manufacturing: Piece Rates, Time Rates, or Gain-Sharing?

by Susan Helper, Morris M. Kleiner, Yingchun Wang #16540 (LS PR)


14.  The Effect of Uncertainty on Investment: Evidence from Texas Oil Drilling by Ryan Kellogg #16541 (EEE EFG IO)


15.  Embezzlement Versus Bribery

by C. Simon Fan, Chen Lin, Daniel Treisman #16542 (PE POL)


16.  Induction and Evolution in the Origin of Inventions:  Evidence from Smoking Cessation Products by Seth H. Werfel, Adam B. Jaffe #16543 (PR)


17.  Workplace Concentration of Immigrants by Fredrik Andersson, Monica Garcia-Perez, John C. Haltiwanger, Kristin McCue, Seth Sanders #16544 (EFG LS PR)


18.  Taxation and International Migration of Superstars: Evidence from the European Football Market by Henrik Kleven, Camille Landais, Emmanuel Saez #16545 (LS PE)

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