[ECON] Economie: working papers (NBER, 15/10/2010)

(Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis)

1.  How Does Your Kindergarten Classroom Affect Your Earnings? Evidence From Project STAR by Raj Chetty, John N. Friedman, Nathaniel Hilger, Emmanuel Saez, Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Danny Yagan #16381 (CH ED LS PE)



2.  Identifying Provider Prejudice in Healthcare by Amitabh Chandra, Douglas O. Staiger #16382 (AG HC HE LS)



3.  Implications of Middle School Behavior Problems for High School Graduation and Employment Outcomes of Young Adults: Estimation of a Recursive Model by Mustafa C. Karakus, David S. Salkever, Eric P. Slade, Nicholas Ialongo, Elizabeth Stuart #16383 (HC)



4.  Are Central Banks’ Projections Meaningful?

by Jordi Gali #16384 (EFG ME)



5.  Index Investment and Financialization of Commodities by Ke Tang, Wei Xiong #16385 (AP ME)



6.  Monetary Policy, Doubts and Asset Prices by Pierpaolo Benigno, Luigi Paciello #16386 (EFG ME)



7.  Salience Theory of Choice Under Risk by Pedro Bordalo, Nicola Gennaioli, Andrei Shleifer #16387 (AP CF)



8.  A ‘New Trade’ Theory of GATT/WTO Negotiations by Ralph Ossa #16388 (ITI)



9.  The Asset Cost of Poor health

by James M. Poterba, Steven F. Venti, David A. Wise #16389 (AG)



10.  Does a Leapfrogging Growth Strategy Raise Growth Rate? Some International Evidence by Zhi Wang, Shang-Jin Wei, Anna Wong #16390 (EFG IFM) http://papers.nber.org/papers/W16390


11.  Are All Trade Protection Policies Created Equal?  Empirical Evidence for Nonequivalent Market Power Effects of Tariffs and Quotas by Bruce Blonigen, Benjamin H. Liebman, Justin R. Pierce, Wesley W. Wilson #16391 (ITI)



12.  Asset Class Diversification and Delegation of Responsibilities between Central Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds by Joshua Aizenman, Reuven Glick #16392 (IFM ITI)



13.  Is Quantity Theory Still Alive?

by Pedro Teles, Harald Uhlig #16393 (EFG IFM ME)



14.  Liquidity Risk of Corporate Bond Returns by Viral V. Acharya, Yakov Amihud, Sreedhar T. Bharath #16394 (AP)



15.  Precautionary Hoarding of Liquidity and Inter-Bank Markets: Evidence from the Sub-prime Crisis by Viral V. Acharya, Ouarda Merrouche #16395 (AP CF ME)



16.  Inequality at Work: The Effect of Peer Salaries on Job Satisfaction by David Card, Alexandre Mas, Enrico Moretti, Emmanuel Saez #16396 (LS PE)



17.  Risk, Uncertainty and Monetary Policy by Geert Bekaert, Marie Hoerova, Marco Lo Duca #16397 (AP ME)



18.  The Predictive Power of the Yield Curve across Countries and Time by Menzie D. Chinn, Kavan J. Kucko #16398 (IFM)



19.  Theoretical Notes on Bubbles and the Current Crisis by Alberto Martin, Jaume Ventura #16399 (EFG)



20.  Financial Frictions and the Persistence of History: A Quantitative Exploration by Francisco J. Buera, Yongseok Shin #16400 (EFG) http://papers.nber.org/papers/W16400


21.  Labor-Market Heterogeneity, Aggregation, and the Lucas Critique by Yongsung Chang, Sun-Bin Kim, Frank Schorfheide #16401 (EFG ME)


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