[ECON] Economie: working papers (NBER, 11/10/2010)

(Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research, Etats-Unis)

1.  Financial Sector Regulation and Reforms in Emerging Markets: An Overview by Eswar S. Prasad #16428 (IFM)



2.  Macroeconomics after the Crisis: Time to Deal with the Pretense-of-Knowledge Syndrome by Ricardo J. Caballero #16429 (IFM)



3.  How Do Immigrants Spend Time?: The Process of Assimilation by Daniel S. Hamermesh, Stephen J. Trejo #16430 (LS) http://papers.nber.org/papers/W16430


4.  Brand Loyalty, Generic Entry and Price Competition in Pharmaceuticals in the Quarter Century After the 1984 Waxman-Hatch Legislation by Ernst R. Berndt, Murray L. Aitken #16431 (HC IO PR)



5.  The Chinese Corporate Savings Puzzle:  A Firm-level Cross-country Perspective by Tamim Bayoumi, Hui Tong, Shang-Jin Wei #16432 (IFM)



6.  Making Savers Winners: An Overview of Prize-Linked Savings Products by Melissa Schettini Kearney, Peter Tufano, Jonathan Guryan, Erik Hurst #16433 (LE PE)



7.  School Desegregation and Urban Change: Evidence from City Boundaries by Leah Platt Boustan #16434 (DAE ED)



8.  Demography and Population Loss from Central Cities, 1950-2000 by Leah Platt Boustan, Allison Shertzer #16435 (DAE)



9.  The Gender Gap Cracks Under Pressure: A Detailed Look at Male and Female Performance Differences During Competitions by Christopher Cotton, Frank McIntyre, Joseph Price #16436 (LS)



10.  Friends in High Places

by Lauren Cohen, Christopher Malloy #16437 (AP CF POL)



11.  Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models with Hyperbolic Discounting, with an Application to Mammography Decisions by Hanming Fang, Yang Wang #16438 (HC HE IO PE)



12.  Immigration, Offshoring and American Jobs by Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano, Giovanni Peri, Greg C. Wright #16439 (ITI LS)



13.  Climate and Civil War: Is the Relationship Robust?

by Marshall Burke, John Dykema, David Lobell, Edward Miguel, Shanker Satyanath #16440 (EEE POL) http://papers.nber.org/papers/W16440


14.  Subjective Well-Being, Income, Economic Development and Growth by Daniel W. Sacks, Betsey Stevenson, Justin Wolfers #16441 (EFG LE LS POL)



15.  Public Pension Funding in Practice

by Alicia H. Munnell, Jean-Pierre Aubry, Laura Quinby #16442 (AG PE POL)



16.  Child-Adoption Matching: Preferences for Gender and Race by Mariagiovanna Baccara, Allan Collard-Wexler, Leonardo Felli, Leeat Yariv #16444 (IO)



17.  An International Comparison of Capital Structure and Debt Maturity Choices by Joseph P.H. Fan, Sheridan Titman, Garry Twite #16445 (CF)



18.  Chinese Firm and Industry Reactions to Antidumping Initiations and Measures by Chunding Li, John Whalley #16446 (ITI)



19.  From the Great Moderation to the global crisis: Exchange market pressure in the 2000s by Joshua Aizenman, Jaewoo Lee, Vladyslav Sushko #16447 (IFM ITI)



20.  Detecting Discrimination in Audit and Correspondence Studies by David Neumark #16448 (LS)



21.  You’ve Earned It: Combining Field and Lab Experiments to Estimate the Impact of Human Capital on Social Preferences by Pamela Jakiela, Edward Miguel, Vera L. te Velde #16449 (ED POL)



22.  The Funding Status of Retiree Health Plans in the Public Sector by Robert Clark, Melinda S. Morrill #16450 (HE PE) http://papers.nber.org/papers/W16450

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