[ECON] Economie: working papers (RePEc, 16/08/2010)

(Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research)

1.  Public Monopoly and Economic Efficiency: Evidence from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Entry Decisions by Katja Seim, Joel Waldfogel #16258 (IO PE)


2.  The Dynamic Effects of Currency Union on Trade by Paul Bergin, Ching-Yi Lin #16259 (IFM)


3.  Has the European Union Achieved a Single Pharmaceutical Market?

by Aysegul Timur, Gabriel Picone, Jeffrey S. DeSimone #16261 (HC HE)


4.  What Goods Do Countries Trade? A Quantitative Exploration of Ricardo’s Ideas by Arnaud Costinot, Dave Donaldson, Ivana Komunjer #16262 (ITI)


5.  Predictive Regressions: A Present-value Approach by Jules H. van Binsbergen, Ralph S.J. Koijen #16263 (AP HC)


6.  Globalization, the Business Cycle, and Macroeconomic Monitoring by S. Boragan Aruoba, Francis X. Diebold, M. Ayhan Kose, Marco E. Terrones #16264 (AP EFG IFM)


7.  The Establishment-Level Behavior of Vacancies and Hiring by Steven J. Davis, R. Jason Faberman, John C. Haltiwanger #16265 (EFG LS)


8.  Immigration:  America’s nineteenth century « law and order problem »?

by Howard Bodenhorn, Carolyn M. Moehling, Anne Morrison Piehl #16266 (DAE LE LS)


9.  The Evolution of Brand Preferences: Evidence from Consumer Migration by Bart J. Bronnenberg, Jean-Pierre H. Dube, Matthew Gentzkow #16267 (IO)


10.  Taxes, Permits, and Climate Change

by Louis Kaplow #16268 (EEE PE)


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