[ECON] Economie: workings papers (RePEc, 02/08/2010)

(Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research)

1.  Leverage Constraints and the International Transmission of Shocks by Michael B. Devereux, James Yetman #16226 (IFM)


2.  Do Differences in Schoolâ??s Instruction Time Explain International Achievement Gaps in Math, Science, and Reading? Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries by Victor Lavy #16227 (CH ED LS)


3.  Central Banks and the Financial System by Francesco Giavazzi, Alberto Giovannini #16228 (ME)


4.  Attenuation Bias in Measuring the Wage Impact of Immigration by Abdurrahman Aydemir, George J. Borjas #16229 (LS)


5.  Can Cheap Credit Explain the Housing Boom?

by Edward L. Glaeser, Joshua D. Gottlieb, Joseph Gyourko #16230 (EFG) http://papers.nber.org/papers/W16230

6.  Why has the yen failed to become a dominant invoicing currency in Asia? A firm-level analysis of Japanese Exporters’ invoicing behavior by Takatoshi Ito, Satoshi Koibuchi, Kiyotaka Sato, Junko Shimizu #16231 (IFM ME)


7.  Do Citizens Want the Truth about Terrorist Threats Regardless of the Consequences?

by V. Kerry Smith, Carol Mansfield, H. Allen Klaiber #16232 (EEE)


8.  Income Differences and Prices of Tradables by Ina Simonovska #16233 (ITI)


9.  Corrective Taxation versus Liability by Steven Shavell #16234 (EEE LE PE)


10.  The Corrective Tax versus Liability As Solutions to the Problem of Harmful Externalities by Steven Shavell #16235 (LE PE)


11.  Foreign Wars, Domestic Markets: England, 1793-1815 by David S. Jacks #16236 (DAE)


12.  Endogenous Gentrification and Housing Price Dynamics by Veronica Guerrieri, Daniel Hartley, Erik Hurst #16237 (AP EFG LS PE)


13.  Sadness, Suicidality and Grades

by Jeffrey S. DeSimone #16239 (ED HE)


14.  Information and Employee Evaluation: Evidence from a Randomized Intervention in Public Schools by Jonah E. Rockoff, Douglas O. Staiger, Thomas J. Kane, Eric S. Taylor #16240 (ED LS) http://papers.nber.org/papers/W16240

15.  Environmental Concern and the Business Cycle: The Chilling Effect of Recession by Matthew E. Kahn, Matthew J. Kotchen #16241 (EEE PE POL)


16.  Covered Farm Mortgage Bonds in the Late Nineteenth Century U.S.

by Kenneth A. Snowden #16242 (AP CF DAE)


17.  Cross-Country Causes and Consequences of the Crisis: An Update by Andrew K. Rose, Mark M. Spiegel #16243 (IFM)


18.  The Anatomy of a Residential Mortgage Crisis:  A Look Back to the 1930s by Kenneth A. Snowden #16244 (CF DAE)


19.  Repairing a Mortgage Crisis: HOLC Lending and its Impact on Local Housing Markets by Charles Courtemanche, Kenneth A. Snowden #16245 (DAE)


20.  Check in the Mail or More in the Paycheck:  Does the Effectiveness of Fiscal Stimulus Depend on How It Is Delivered?

by Claudia R. Sahm, Matthew D. Shapiro, Joel Slemrod #16246 (EFG ME PE)


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