[COMU] Journalistes 2.0

Diversity 2.0: Recruiting a new, tech-savvy, generation of journalism students

(source: OJR – The Online Journalism Review, 16/07/2010)

« I don’t need to explain to journalism educators the importance of recruiting and admitting a diverse student body. Journalism educators realized, more than a generation ago, that graduating few other than white, middle-to-upper-income students would not well serve the economically and racially diverse, internationally-flavored communities that journalists are called to report upon and serve.

But as journalism continues to respond to the second decade of the Internet revolution, it should be apparent to all in our field that ethnic, racial and economic diversity isn’t enough any longer. Journalism education needs to accommodate, and welcome, students whose skills sets and interests range far beyond the stereotype of math-phobic storytellers. » […]

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