[MARK] Marketing: working papers (RePEc, 24/07/2010)

Source : NEP (New Economics Papers) | RePEc

  • Marketing Capability, Strategy and Business Performance in Emerging Markets of Pakistan
Date: 2009-11
By: Afzal, Sarwat
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:pra:mprapa:23642&r=mkt
In this project an attempt has been made to demonstrate a positive relationship between marketing capabilities and Strategy using Porters framework and corporate performance in an emerging/developing market of Pakistan. This paper reports a study that marketing practice regulates the relationship between marketing capabilities & Strategy using Porters framework and business performance. In turn, the type of marketing practice adopted is moderated by the market served. Various studies have suggested that marketing capabilities & Strategy using Porters framework influences business performance. These discussions are summarized by a theoretical model and a series of theoretical propositions. The results suggest that Marketing Capabilities and Strategy frame exist in the business environment of Pakistan but there is a weak relationship with firm performance.
Keywords: Marketing Capabilities; Competitive Advantages; Business strategy; Firm Performance
JEL: M31
Date: 2009-11
By: Zapilko, Marina
Klein, Agnes
Menrad, Klaus
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:ags:uwtscp:91302&r=mkt
Paper prepared for presentation at the Fourth International Conference on Coexistence between Genetically Modified (GM) and non-GM based Agricultural Supply Chains (GMCC) Melbourne (Australia), 10th to 12th November 2009
Keywords: Genetic engineering, Consumer behaviour, Germany, Demand and Price Analysis, Food Consumption/Nutrition/Food Safety, M39, R20,
  • Twitter in Congress: Outreach vs Transparency
Date: 2010-05-25
By: Chi, Feng
Yang, Nathan
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:pra:mprapa:23597&r=mkt
The paper provides some support in favor of Twitter adoption being driven by outreach reasons, rather than the well-popularized transparency motive. Furthermore, outreach considerations factor into a Republican’s perceived benefit more than a Democrat’s.
Keywords: Government communication; diffusion of technology; political marketing; social media.
JEL: O30
  • Cloud Computing Value Chains Understanding Businesses and Value Creation in the Cloud
Date: 2010-06
By: Ashraf Bany Mohammed
Jorn Altmann
Junseok Hwang (Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program(TEMEP), Seoul National University)
URL: http://d.repec.org/n?u=RePEc:snv:dp2009:201060&r=mkt
Based on the promising developments in Cloud Computing technologies in recent years, commercial computing resource services (e.g. Amazon EC2) or software-as-a-service offerings (e.g. Salesforce.com) came into existence. However, the relatively weak business exploitation, participation, and adoption of other Cloud Computing services remain the main challenges. The vague value structures seem to be hindering business adoption and the creation of sustainable business models around its technology. Using an extensive analyze of existing Cloud business models, Cloud services, stakeholder relations, market configurations and value structures, this Chapter develops a reference model for value chains in the Cloud. Although this model is theoretically based on porter’s value chain theory, the proposed Cloud value chain model is upgraded to fit the diversity of business service scenarios in the Cloud computing markets. Using this mo del, different service scenarios are explained. Our findings suggest new services, business opportunities, and policy practices for realizing more adoption and value creation paths in the Cloud.
Keywords: Cloud computing, value chain, business models, Grid computing, service oriented computing, value networks, software-as-a-service, Grid economics, services, service sciences.
JEL: D02

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