[ECON] Economie: working papers (NBER, 13/07/2010)

(Source: NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research)

1.  Incorporating Employee Heterogeneity into Default Rules for Retirement Plan Selection by Gopi Shah Goda, Colleen Flaherty Manchester #16099 (AG PE)


2.  Going Soft:  How the Rise of Software Based Innovation Led to the Decline of Japan’s IT Industry and the Resurgence of Silicon Valley by Ashish Arora, Lee G. Branstetter, Matej Drev #16156 (ITI PR)


3.  A Review of War Costs in Iraq and Afghanistan by Ryan D. Edwards #16163 (EFG PE)


4.  Implementation of Monetary Policy:  How Do Central Banks Set Interest Rates?

by Benjamin M. Friedman, Kenneth N. Kuttner #16165 (ME)


5.  Evidence of a Modest Price Decline in US Broadband Services by Shane Greenstein, Ryan C. McDevitt #16166 (IO PR)


6.  Human capital and the Indian software industry by Ashish Arora, Surendra K. Bagde #16167 (PR)


7.  On Graduation from Default, Inflation and Banking Crisis:  Elusive or Illusion?

by Rong Qian, Carmen M. Reinhart, Kenneth S. Rogoff #16168 (IFM ME)


8.  A Model-Based Evaluation of the Debate on the Size of the Tax Multiplier by Ryan Chahrour, Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe, Martin Uribe #16169 (EFG PE)


9.  The Risk of Out-of-Pocket Health Care Expenditure at End of Life by Samuel Marshall, Kathleen M. McGarry, Jonathan S. Skinner #16170 (AG HC) http://papers.nber.org/papers/W16170

10.  The ABCDs of Health: Explaining the Reduction in AIDS in Uganda by Marcella M. Alsan, David M. Cutler #16171 (HC HE)


11.  Effects of Overweight on Risky Sexual Behavior of Adolescent Girls by Susan Averett, Hope Corman, Nancy Reichman #16172 (HE)


12.  Active Labor Market Policy Evaluations: A Meta-Analysis by David Card, Jochen Kluve, Andrea Weber #16173 (LS)


13.  Off the Cliff and Back? Credit Conditions and International Trade during the Global Financial Crisis by Davin Chor, Kalina Manova #16174 (IFM ITI)


14.  The Role of Mortgage Brokers in the Subprime Crisis by Antje Berndt, Burton Hollifield, Patrik Sandas #16175 (AP)


15.  Yesterday’s Heroes: Compensation and Creative Risk-Taking by Ing-Haw Cheng, Harrison Hong, Jose A. Scheinkman #16176 (CF)


16.  Financial Connections and Systemic Risk by Franklin Allen, Ana Babus, Elena Carletti #16177 (CF)


17.  Stronger Risk Controls, Lower Risk: Evidence from U.S. Bank Holding Companies by Andrew Ellul, Vijay Yerramilli #16178 (CF)


18.  How Do Employers React to A Pay-or-Play Mandate? Early Evidence from San Francisco by Carrie Hoverman Colla, William H. Dow, Arindrajit Dube #16179 (HC HE)


19.  A New Cost-Benefit and Rate of Return Analysis for the Perry Preschool Program: A Summary by James J. Heckman, Seong Hyeok Moon, Rodrigo Pinto, Peter Savelyev, Adam Yavitz #16180 (CH ED) http://papers.nber.org/papers/W16180

20.  Ambiguity and Asset Markets

by Larry G. Epstein, Martin Schneider #16181 (AP EFG)


21.  Is the Distance to Default a Good Measure in Predicting Bank Failures? Case Studies by Kimie Harada, Takatoshi Ito, Shuhei Takahashi #16182 (IFM ME)


22.  The Predictability of Returns with Regime Shifts in Consumption and Dividend Growth by Anisha Ghosh, George M. Constantinides #16183 (AP EFG)


23.  Growing State-Federal Conflicts in Environmental Policy: The Role of Market-Based Regulation by Roberton C. Williams III #16184 (EEE PE)


24.  Preference Signaling in Matching Markets by Peter Coles, Alexey Kushnir, Muriel Niederle #16185 (LS)


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